AbnormalSexual and Gender Identity Disorders

Alexis Arquette on Larry King

Alexis Arquette is one of the panel members on Larry King, guest hosted by Dr. Drew Pinksy. Arquette, formerly Robert Arquette, is recognized for her role in films like The Wedding Singer, Bride of Chucky and in the reality TV show, The Surreal Life. In this clip, Arquette discusses becoming transgender under public scrutiny as a celebrity.

They discuss Chaz Bonos, Sony and Cher Bonos daughter, transition to become male. Having dealt with the media her entire life, Arquette felt comfortable making a transition.

How does family support affect someone who is transgender? How might Arquettes exposure of her own transition in the documentary Alexis Arquette: Shes My Brother expose the prevalence of transgendered people and understanding of transexuality?

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