Cognitive Psychology

This short animation sings the praises of cognitive psychology. Or does it? Several of the comments on the clips YouTube

Cognitive Psychology Godfathers

In this student project, a voice over discusses Albert Bandura, Walter Mischel, the BoBo Doll Experiment, the Marshmallow Experiment, and

Cognitive Psychology Student Project

Another student project, this clip visually discusses the multi-store model, the working memory model, and several concepts in cognitive psychology.

Charlie Rose Stephen Hawking

Despite being almost completely paralyzed by ALS, Stephen Hawking remains one of the worlds foremost theoretical physicists and has contributed

The Uncanny Valley

This Science of YouTube video explains the uncanny valley. This theory, first introduced by Masahiro Mori in 1970, proposes that

Mental Imagery

This clip presents a lecture on what eye-tracking reveals about mental imagery. It was presented at conferences and published in

Tricks of the Eye

This video presents several tricks of the eye, beginning with the idea that if words are scrambled, as long as

What is Lymbix

Lymbix is developing a database and suite of tools allowing companies to assess the connotative meanings of incoming and outgoing

McGyver Mastercard

In this Mastercard commercial from the Priceless campaign, action television character MacGyver escapes using a car air freshener. He uses

The Tower of Hanoi

This clip is a home video of a man solving a 6-ring Tower of Hanoi problem at the Haifa Science

The River-Crossing Problem

Robin Wilson, Gresham Professor of Geometry, gives a quick run-through of the origins of the river-cross problem and the basis

The Four Cube Problem

Another presentation by Robin Wilson, Gresham Professor of Geometry, this clip explains the four cube problem and how to solve

AOL Anagrams

In this promotional video for America Online (AOL), a group of actors perform skits based on anagrams of the companys

Tutoring Zone Lottery

A tutor delivers a short lecture on the concept of expected value. His first example uses a deck of cards.

The Risky Decision

In the movie Ransom, starring Mel Gibson, his character makes a risky decision he decides not to pay the ransom

$136 000 Roulette Gamble

In April 2004, Ashley Revell plopped down his entire life savings on a roulette table at the Plaza casino in

Hurricane Destruction

This short clip demonstrates the destructive power of hurricanes. Far more people die every year from causes such as asthma,