How To Avoid Jet Lag

This Howcast is a how to slide show with a female voiceover during animations. Eight steps are presented for travelers

EMG Test

In this clip, a female voiceover explains the reasoning for using EMG. This clip is a simulation of a doctors

Microsleep Commercial RTA

In this PSA from the United Kingdom, Dr. Karl Kruszelnicki explains the concept of a microsleep, and why it is

Five Stages of Sleep

In this clip from the longer documentary, Help! I Cant Sleep: A Practical Guide to Overcome Insomnia, the five stages

Day Residue in Dreams

Stephen Berlin talks about some of his own dreams and their contents. This clip is part of a series of

The Biography of Sigmund Freud

Sigmund Freuds book The Interpretation of Dreams first advanced the idea that dreams are based on wish fulfillment. In this

Behavioral Modifications for Sleep

A family practitioner discusses the use of behavioral therapy and sleep hygiene measures. Insomnia treatment is not solely medicinal and

Drug Ad

This clip is the late 1990s follow-up to the classic brain on drugsв campaign. The original campaign is expanded upon

Cocaine Energy Drink

This news piece from CNN features an interview with the creator of the energy drink Cocaine. While there is no

How Caffeine Works

In this clip from How Stuff Works, we get a short tutorial about how caffeine works to keep us from

What Happens Next: Smoking

This video from explains what happens to your body when you smoke a cigarette. It obviously is taking an

Heroin Addicts Speak

In this National Geographic clip, a cameraman follows around heroin addicts from Oslo and the American Midwest. Joaquim and Trina

Montana Meth Project TV Ads

The following public service announcements were aired on television and online as part of the Montana Meth Project. Some will

Alcohol At SJU

This is a student-produced documentary on alcohol use at St. Josephs University, but themes are relevant regardless of institution type.

Alcoholism is Not a Disease

Addiction specialist and licensed psychologist Stanton Peele responds to the question Is alcoholism a disease? Peele argues that alcoholism as

LSD – A Case Study

This clip is presumably a 1960s public service announcement against LSD. A female character describes her experiences dropping acid, including

Dock Ellis and the LSD No-No

Doc Ellis, who passed away in 2008, pitched one of only 263 no-hitters in the history of major league baseball,


Alan Rickman stars as Dr. Franz Mesmer, whose name gave us the term “mesmerize,” and whose studies led to the