Hypnosis Can You Be Hypnotized?

This video demonstrates a quick and simple hypnotic convincer to show how susceptible to hypnosis some people are. Michael Watson discusses hypnosis and embedded commands with a small group. He has them pretend they are holding a balloon in one hand, and a heavy bucket in the other. Those whose hands rise when they imagine […]

Covert Pain in Hypnotherapy

Certified clinical hypnotherapist Scott Sandland talks about how Hilgard and Hilgard discovered the phenomenon known as the hidden observer. This phenomenon proves that although people dont always remember it, they are constantly aware while being hypnotized. How has this phenomenon been used to study pain and pain control?

How to Meditate

A male voice instructs viewers on how to meditate. New age music is played in the background while computer-generated characters demonstrate the various poses, breathing techniques and meditative states. What did you think of the meditation methods demonstrated in the video? Was it effective? Which aspect of meditation exercise did the speaker emphasize most?

Sensory Overload

This clip, shown from the viewpoint of the person experiencing sensory overload, combines the images with an urgent piano track in an attempt to put us in the sensory overload mind frame. How does sensory overload qualify as an altered state of consciousness? What sorts of situations might trigger it?

Sylvia Plath Reads Fever 103

This video features a montage of clips and photos as Sylvia Plath reads her poem Fever 103. Throughout the video, the images are accompanied by white and blue flames. How does a high fever qualify as an altered state of consciousness? How might such an altered state lead to the creation of art, such as […]