In the Womb

This clip introduces the National Geographic special In the Womb, which follows a babys journey from conception to birth. The

The Human Genome Project

This dynamic 3D animation will give you a close up look at the complexity of the cell. Completed in 2003,

Twins in the Womb

In this clip from the National Geographic channel, we see images of twins in the womb. What reason does the

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Basic facts are presented and pictures describe the physical symptoms of fetal alcohol syndrome. At 2:52 a student performs his

Smoking and Pregnancy

In this news clip an anchor interviews a doctor on the effects of cigarette smoke on a developing fetus. What

Postpartum Depression

This news clip from Detroit, Michigan discusses postpartum depression by telling the story of Christine Hughes, her husband, and her

Separation Anxiety

The father leaves the room while his son is in the midst of playing with his toy. A woman, however,

Ainsworth Attachment Theory

In this comedic attempt to depict attachment theory and behavior patterns, a grown man acts as a baby. Two women

Sensorimotor, Object Perminence

This video discusses the sensorimotor stage and the development of object permanence the concept that objects in the environment are

Gender Roles in Disney Movies

In this student project, the way Disney movies often portray gender roles is explored. Through pictures, clips, and audio tracks,

Good Idea, Bad Idea Compilation

This video is shows several Good Idea, Bad Idea segments from the childrens television cartoon Animaniacs. The first scene explains

Id, Ego, and Superego

This clip is an excerpt of an old educational film about Sigmund Freud. In addition to discussing the id, ego,

Empathy Audrey Hepburn

In this short scene from the movie Funny Face, Audrey Hepburn explains to her costar what empathy means. Based on

Formal Deductive Reasoning

In this clip, a younger child and an older child are asked to do some deductive reasoning. Their answers to