School Readiness

This clip discusses the United Ways school readiness initiative, and tells the story of Daniel Perez and his three young


This ABC news story shows clips from Candid Camera and Mean Girls in discussing bullying in children and teens. It

Heinz Dilemma

A voice from off camera reads the classic dilemma of Heinz to a young teen. The teen hears that Heinz

Puberty, Whats That?

The video is a montage of footage from classic sexual education videos spliced together. Female puberty begins the video, with

Gender Roles

A student satirizes the work of anthropologists and naturalists. Stephanie Irwin takes footage of men and women gearing up for

Sleep Research

In this news report from Australia, we learn about sleep problems in children and teenagers. Research suggests that adolescents need

Peer Pressure

This scene is from the television show Cold Case. In it, two high school students discuss peer pressure  one explains

Teens & Eating Disorders

In this news report from Seattle, Dr. Cora Breuner discusses teens and eating disorders. She provides parents with warning signs

STD Myths

This video was made by Sex, Etc., an organization dedicated to teaching teens about sexual health. In the clip, teens

Adolescent Egocentrism

This student project depicts mother and son sock puppets explaining various psychological concepts. Do you understand these concepts after watching

Bi-Racial Hair: The Film

This short film was inspired by and features a poem by 13-year-old Zora called Bi-Racial Hair. The film weaves between

Emerging Adulthood

Dr. Michaela Meyer interviews young adults about their identity development. College students talk about their personal and professional goals and

Intimacy vs. Isolation

This clip is a short lecture on the intimacy versus isolation stage. Intimacy and isolation are described, as is the

Dealing with the Office Bully

This piece from the Good Morning America radio show discusses the concept of workplace bullying both from boss to employee

Role Conflict – Police Officer

During Katrina, this New Orleans police officer was caught in a dilemma between police and family obligations. Although the officer

Brett Favre Retirement Speech

When you search for retirement videos in YouTube, the majority of the results are clips of sports stars announcing their

Say No to Ageism

In this public service announcement from Ireland, older people are shown with negative attributes across their faces, while young people