School Readiness

This clip discusses the United Ways school readiness initiative, and tells the story of Daniel Perez and his three young daughters. The concept of readiness is used to refer to a time when the childs physical, cognitive, social, and emotional maturation are at a level to undertake new learning. Is it just the ability to […]


This ABC news story shows clips from Candid Camera and Mean Girls in discussing bullying in children and teens. It then moves on to discuss one of the most extreme consequences of bullying suicide. Why do you think some bullies are popular and have high status among their peers? How does it affect the social […]

Heinz Dilemma

A voice from off camera reads the classic dilemma of Heinz to a young teen. The teen hears that Heinz stole the drug for his dying wife, and considers it the wrong decision. He explains his stance as stealing is wrong and is skeptical of the decision for practical reasons. Which stage would you consider […]

Puberty, Whats That?

The video is a montage of footage from classic sexual education videos spliced together. Female puberty begins the video, with the male experience of puberty starting at 2:17. Overt physical changes, masturbation, and orgasm are included. Footage on pimples begins at 4:40 and mood swings at 5:03. Does the formula for classic sexual education videos […]

Gender Roles

A student satirizes the work of anthropologists and naturalists. Stephanie Irwin takes footage of men and women gearing up for mating season at a shopping mall. Students are interviewed on how male behavior differs from female behavior, defining characteristics of each, and gender stereotypes. How does male behavior differ from female behavior? How might this […]

Sleep Research

In this news report from Australia, we learn about sleep problems in children and teenagers. Research suggests that adolescents need as much as 9 hours of sleep a night. However, as they get older, their sleep quality changes, with less time in deep sleep, leaving them more tired during the day, even if they are […]

Peer Pressure

This scene is from the television show Cold Case. In it, two high school students discuss peer pressure  one explains why she succumbs to it, and the other argues that it is easy to ignore. Peer pressure refers to demands for conformity to group norms and a demonstration of commitment and loyalty to group members. […]

Teens & Eating Disorders

In this news report from Seattle, Dr. Cora Breuner discusses teens and eating disorders. She provides parents with warning signs to look for to aid with early detection. What triggered the eating disorder in the teen interviewed here? Why are adolescents particularly susceptible to eating disorders?

STD Myths

This video was made by Sex, Etc., an organization dedicated to teaching teens about sexual health. In the clip, teens discuss sexually transmitted diseases (also called sexually transmitted infections) and interview other teens to uncover myths about these conditions. What percentage of teenagers contracts a STD/STI every year?

Adolescent Egocentrism

This student project depicts mother and son sock puppets explaining various psychological concepts. Do you understand these concepts after watching the clip? How would you define imaginary audience, personal fable, and adolescent egocentrism, and would it be different from how these concepts are presented here?

Bi-Racial Hair: The Film

This short film was inspired by and features a poem by 13-year-old Zora called Bi-Racial Hair. The film weaves between fictional reenactments, archival footage of the civil rights movement, and Zora’s infamous live spoken word performance, illustrating the struggles youth of mixed color face with identity and social position. How might a more complicated ethnic […]

Emerging Adulthood

Dr. Michaela Meyer interviews young adults about their identity development. College students talk about their personal and professional goals and their future. During the credits students introduce themselves as emerging adults. What are some reasons for the delay in identity achievement among todays young adults? Are you in favor of the term emerging adult? Why […]

Personality Development in Early Adulthood

This video is a class project for a developmental psychology class. Slides of the questions that were asked are shown, followed by clips of the interview subject answering. Do you think that the questions asked help you get a good idea of Bethanys personality, how it has developed, and how it will continue to develop?

Intimacy vs. Isolation

This clip is a short lecture on the intimacy versus isolation stage. Intimacy and isolation are described, as is the resolution of this stage. What are the different types of relationships that are described in the video? What are the consequences of isolation, according to the video?

Fulfillment Theories: Lily Allen The Fear

Lily Allen performs an acoustic version of her song The Fear on Q TV. She sings I want to be rich and I want lots of money, I dont care about clever I dont care about funny, but then follows with the chorus, When do you think it will all become clear? ‘Cause I’m being […]

Shifting Gender Roles, Shared Parenting

In this report from the Today Show, the shifting gender roles in American households are discussed. Amy and Marc Vachon discuss their theory of equally shared parenting they split all responsibilities, from making money to childcare, down the middle. They each work about 30 hours a week and have certain days a week that are […]

Dealing with the Office Bully

This piece from the Good Morning America radio show discusses the concept of workplace bullying both from boss to employee and between peers. The prevalence of bullying leads to the formation of the Workplace Bullying Institute. The video states that 70% of workplace bullies are women. Do you agree with the reasons that are given […]

Role Conflict – Police Officer

During Katrina, this New Orleans police officer was caught in a dilemma between police and family obligations. Although the officer at the end of the clip says it was a no-brainer as to the decision he made, he later in the interview indicates the adverse consequences of failing to fulfill his police role (e.g., constant […]

Personal Development as an Adult: Parenthood Movie Trailer

The movie trailer for Parenthood shows an extended family whose members are at all stages of human development. While the grandparents and children feature heavily in the film, the movie is called Parenthood the focus is on the parents, in particular Steve Martins beleaguered father. How is his personal development as an adult affected by […]

Sleeping Around (Co-Sleeping with your Kids)

JuiceBoxJungle polls a number of parents and their perspective on co-sleeping. According to their poll, 88% of parents felt a sense of relief having their children in their bed. Not only do parents discuss the affect it has on their sleeping habits but also on their intimate behaviors and control over the children. What do […]

Raising Grandchildren in Retirement

The number of grandfamilies in America has tripled since 1970, and communities are beginning to create programs to help those with new responsibilities. How does the absence of a parent affect the grandparent/grandchild relationship? What grandparenting styles would provide the easiest transition into surrogate parenthood?

Brett Favre Retirement Speech

When you search for retirement videos in YouTube, the majority of the results are clips of sports stars announcing their retirement from their respective teams. How is this different from our traditional understanding of retirement? Is age a relevant factor in deciding when a person should retire? What other factors should be considered?

Say No to Ageism

In this public service announcement from Ireland, older people are shown with negative attributes across their faces, while young people are shown in color and given names. Ageism is a devaluation of and hostility towards older adults. What different forms can ageism take? What can be done to combat ageism?