El Pajarito The Latin American Elderly Project

[Please note the majority of this videos audio is in Spanish with English subtitles.] El Pajarito, or the little bird, is a program for elderly Latin Americans living in England. The Latin American Elderly Project provides support, classes, outings, and a community of other Latin Americans living in London. Volunteers in the project help the […]

Humans and Age

This news report discusses a study which looked at sense of humor in older individuals. Based on the way the study was conducted and the findings they present, do you agree with the researchers conclusions? What other explanations might there be for the findings?

What is Alzheimers Disease?

This video from the Alzheimers Association, the leading voluntary health organization in AlzheimerĐ’ care,Đ’ support, and research, explains and graphically presents how Alzheimers affects the brain. What are the different stages described and what are the symptoms of each of these stages?

Evelyn The Heart of Hospice

Hospice care is an integrated system of medicine, nursing, counseling, and spiritual care for the dying person and his or her family. In this video, Evelyn, a patient in hospice care, is interviewed about its benefits. How does hospice care differ from traditional hospital care?

UK TV Station Shows Mans Death

This Associated Press news piece discusses the controversy over a documentary that shows an American man committing assisted suicide. The film showed in Britain, igniting a heated debate. What is the difference between passive and active euthanasia?