James-Lang vs. Cannon-Bard

Here, two students explain and give examples of the James-Lang and the Cannon-Bard theories of emotion. These theories propose that

Selye on Stress

Dr. Hans Selye discusses what stress is, why hes interested in it, what it causes, and what can be done

Emotion-Provoking Portraits

This video presents The Chameleon project, software that reads and responds to emotions. These digital portraits are presented both as

Understanding Your Emotions

This is an instructional video from Coronet films, explaining why people respond with different emotions to the same event. The

Toward Emotional Maturity

In another instructional video from the 1950s, a teenage girl reflects on her emotional growth, remembering episodes in which her

Basic Emotions Trailer

This trailer created for the short film Basic Emotions, demonstrates several emotions, either in the voice-over or flashed on the


Oxytocin is a pituitary hormone released by both men and women during sex, and by women while giving birth and

Strong Bad Email: Crying

Sadness is the emotional reaction to a sense of loss, and crying is one of the behavioral signs of sadness.

Elephants Mourning

Just how aware are these elephants? Some scientists think they may cry when sad, just like you and me. In

Sesame Street: Ocean Emotion

In this short clip, Elmo sings about different animals that live in the ocean, and wonders what they are feeling.

If I Lose You – Soraya

Songs of sorrow are frequent in certain genres of music. The music video for the ballad If I lose you

Lie to Me TV Show Promo

The fictional TV show Lie to Me features Dr. Cal Lightman, a deception expert who studies facial expressions and involuntary

The Invention of Lying

In this movie starring Ricky Gervais, we are introduced to a world where no one knows what it means to