Basic Emotions

  • unemployment shame sad woman

    Dealing With The Shame of Unemployment

    Being unemployed can be a very stressful situation, especially if you have people depending on you like a spouse and children. One of the most difficult aspects of unemployment besides dealing with uncertainty of where future employment will be secured is the doubt that creeps in about your worth. Men in particular are affected by the emotional strain unemployment brings. …

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  • Basic Emotions Trailer

    This trailer created for the short film Basic Emotions, demonstrates several emotions, either in the voice-over or flashed on the screen. Do you believe all the emotions mentioned here are really basic emotions? Do they all meet the criteria for this category? Are there any emotions that are not addressed that you believe fall into this category?

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  • Oxytocin

    Oxytocin is a pituitary hormone released by both men and women during sex, and by women while giving birth and nursing. This video, a students senior thesis project, attempts to connect the scientific occurrence of oxytocin with the abstract idea of love. Is love an emotion or an attitude? Why does adult love depend on a hormone that is also…

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  • Dont Cry for Me, Im a Cubs Fan

    Todd Murray loves the Chicago Cubs although it has been almost 100 years since they won the World Series. In this black and white skit, Todd shows his strong emotional ties, and depression after the season ends. He tells viewers Dont cry for me, Im already dead. Why are sports fans strongly affected by their teams loss? What does Todds…

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  • Strong Bad Email: Crying

    Sadness is the emotional reaction to a sense of loss, and crying is one of the behavioral signs of sadness. Is sadness the predominant emotion on display in this clip? Why does the drawing of the one-legged dog cause such strong reactions?

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  • How to Read Body Language: Flirting

    The clip discusses how to exude appropriate body language, and positive cues to others. David and Natalie demonstrate body language common in social settings. How can body language function to establish relationships with others? Did the actors portray open and receptive body language well? Are there any other aspects of body language that would be appropriate in a social or…

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