Shift Work and Health

Living outside “normal” hours can be bad for your body. A small research study of ten people showed that when

The Epidemic of College Smoking

It is argued that college smoking rates are increasing and reaching epidemic proportions. This documentary contains research findings and anecdotal

Should Fat Flyers Pay More?

CBS News Online discusses United Airlines’ new policy regarding overweight passengers; United Airlines requires large passengers to purchase two seats.


Curanderas: Awakening the Spirit shows interviews of four southwestern curanderas and curanderos in New Mexico. Each interviewee recounts their personal

Native American Shamanism

This brief clip gives an overview of Shamanism; natural and supernatural, human and nature are intertwined. This clip acts as

Cultural Competence

This clip depicts how someone might feel in an unfamiliar hospital where their culture is not the dominant one. If

Cultural Diversity Health Care

This brief video clip explains why health care professionals should adapt their assessment based on cultural needs and preferences when

How Unemployment Affects Families

Another segment from Unnatural Causes: Is Inequality Making Us Sick? shows a roundtable discussion amongst unemployed members of a community

On Living Longer

Dr. Craig Wilcox discusses his study of Okinawans and tries to identify reasons for their long lifespan. According to the

Does Religion Benefit Society?

This clip focuses on the benefits found between religion and overall wellness (emotional and physical) as well as how religious

How Anxiety Affects the Body

According to AnswersTV, anxiety is more common than depression in the U.S. There are a number of factors in the

Anti-Stress Video Game

According to this ScienCentral video clip, reducing perceived social threat should reduce stress. He used two games: a smile game

Scotty Nguyen Goads Opponents

Professional poker player Scotty Nguyen goads his opponents by using profanity, insults, and criticizing their play. This montage of footage


[Caution: This clip may be disturbing for some viewers.] This student-produced film focuses on how soldiers who fought in Iraq

Coffee Lowers Stroke Risk

In this clip from CBS Healthwatch, Julie Chen discusses a study that shows an interesting relationship between daily coffee consumption

Power of a Mothers Milk

Sanjay Gupta interviews a mother who has had premature twins: a daughter who has been brought home and a son