Overeaters Brains

Some peoples brains do not respond to fullness cues. Researchers at Brook Haven National Laboratory put a balloon in participants

Test for Fat Virus

Richard Atkinson discovered at virus in chickens. Atkinson found antibodies of that virus in 30% of obese people and in

PSA Exercise is Fun

In this home-made public service announcement, we hear about the importance of exercise. Define exercise. How can regular exercise affect

Anorexia and Reward

New research suggests that the brains of former anorexics have a hard time telling the difference between winning and losing.

Jessica Alba Anti-Smoking PSA

This PSA from the American Lung Association features actress Jessica Alba, who loads a gun with bullets she pulls from

College Binge Drinking

This news clip from ABC discovers the prevalence of binge drinking on college campuses. The clip shows photographs from students

How to Keep a Pain Diary

Dr. Russell Portenoy explains why and how patients should record their pain. He recommends they record the following: intensity of

Chronic Pain and Neurofeedback

This video from EEG Info covers treatment for chronic pain using neurofeedback. R.N. Caroline Grierson explains how they use neurofeedback

Coping with Terminal Illness

This excerpt from a 28-minute documentary shows one womans struggle with terminal illness and includes interviews of her husband and

Terminal Illness Interviews

Multiple people are interviewed about terminal illness and provide various perspectives. Questions asked include: In one word, can you describe

Chinese Buddhist Funeral Processions

This video shows a traditional Chinese-American Buddhist Funeral Procession. The video includes clips spliced together, showing pieces of the ceremony

Dealing With Grief After Death

Grief is a process with no time limit or prescription. Sandi Sunter explains the importance of grief and its variance.