John Stossel: Pregnancy Anti-Discrimination Act Failed

This clip from ABC News covers the Pregnancy Anti-Discrimination Act. It discusses how many companies, including Novartis, have been sued and an overall rise in complaints since the act was established. David Sanford, a lawyer for a female employee at Novartis, is launching a class action suit because his client suffered pregnancy discrimination. What is […]

The Impact of Affirmative Action

Over the past several decades, many fewer minority students would have been admitted to college or into professional programs without the assistance of affirmative action. In recent years, however, Supreme Court rulings “have been hard” on such programs, with critics expressing concern about quota systems. Much of the current debate about affirmative action is over […]

Employee Health Habits

Attorney Vikki Ziegler is a guest on the Fox Business Channel where they are debating if your lifestyle choices in regards to your health could potentially be grounds of dismissal. Wayne Rogers does not believe a company can impose health habits on its employees if it does not affect other employees. The panel weighs pros […]

I/O Psychology Project Positive Reinforcement

[Please note this video includes music but the students do not speak] This video project shows the effects of positive reinforcement in the workplace. Two employees receive certifications as they start work. In the next scene you see the two employees working efficiently. In the first week, their manager puts star stickers on a positive […]

Getting Paid to Stay Healthy

A new phrase is buzzing among employees of some companies: “wellness incentive.” Employers are offering rewards for staying healthy. Wyatt Andrews reports. How do wellness programs (especially when paired with an incentive) affect an employees needs, values, and wants? What are safety, social, ego, and self-actualization needs and how does satisfaction of those needs affect […]

Herzberg Motivators

This flash movie, resembling the videogame Super Mario, shows the motivators in Herzbergs two-factor theory. What are motivators and which are not covered in this flash movie (if any)? What are hygiene factors? How does this theory apply to motivation in the workplace?

Office Space Trailer

This trailer for the film Office Space shows two work environments (an office and a restaurant) and the stress caused by an unsatisfactory workplace. The main character contemplates his future and managers press employees to do more. What causes employees to be satisfied with and committed to their jobs?

Job Satisfaction

This organizational behavior student project covers job satisfaction in the workplace, including a look at productivity, customer service, absenteeism, and turnover. Stan is a satisfied employee who enjoys his job; he is productive and efficient. When Stan becomes unsatisfied with his job, he is no longer productive. A student explains that job satisfaction and productivity […]

U.S. Job Satisfaction Nears a Decade High

According to AP 48% of Americans in 2008 say that they are completely satisfied with their job, which is the second highest Gallup has measured during this decade. Americans may value their jobs (and be more satisfied with their jobs) more because of the economy and lack of other options. In this survey, job satisfaction […]

Attitudes, Emotions, and Work

In this student project, five women demonstrate various aspects of the workplace and satisfaction therein. Here are their roles and topics: Amanda (manager-resigned work satisfaction), Kim (employee-progressive work satisfaction), Carol (employee-constructive work dissatisfaction), My (employee-stabilized work satisfaction), and Wilma (employee-withdrawal behaviors). In the first scene, My makes a personal phone call while her co-workers express […]

Human Resources: Employee Performance Appraisal Samples

How do employers measure employee performance? Pat Goodwin speaks for eHow and offers samples of employee performance appraisals, which include the 360, the Harrison, the Campbells, and Myers-Briggs. Goodwin believes the 360 is the most effective measurement; the employee selects fellow colleagues and managers to appraise them on their interactions in the office. What are […]

Performance Review

In this clip from the UK, a female employee undergoes a performance review and, after having a discussion with her computer, decides to be more proactive about her own career. Performance review sets out to encourage individuals to think about reviews in a new way, so they stop dreading them and start seeing them in […]

The Office Performance Review (Deleted Scene)

In this clip from The Office, Dwight creates a visual aid to convince his manager, Michael, that he deserves a raise. Why are performance reviews necessary? How can a performance review benefit the employee and/or the company? What steps should a company take in order to decide the best appraisal method? Who else (besides the […]

How to Do Effective Performance Appraisals

To achieve results, individuals and teams need to know what is expected of them using effective performance appraisals. Steven offers some tips: 1. Recognize the outcome (a learning and development plan for the employee); 2. Employer should come prepared to the appraisal interview (as should the employee); 3. Use documentation and bring questions; and 4. […]

Hiring and Firing: How To Do It Right

CEOs at Demofall 2007 share sage advice on hiring and firing employees. CEOs explain that you should replace an employee as soon as you acknowledge an issue (because, at that point, it is already too late), make a termination quick and humane, have a conversation with employee about why they arent a strong fit for […]

Terminating an Employee for Cause

This student project provides examples of the correct and incorrect ways to terminate an employee. Andrew is fired and asked to leave immediately without clear reason or explanation. In the correct example, Andrew is brought in to speak with his manager, the HR representative, and the companys head. The HR representative provides documentation and company […]

How to Hire a New Employee: Training the New Employee

Tina Buechler emphasizes the importance to adequately training new employees. Make sure the employee knows the following: 1. key responsibilities; 2. key deliverables; 3. workplace culture; and 4. employee manual/company guidelines. The applicant should be given specific guidelines and parameters in order to succeed. How can you motivate existing employees to attend training sessions?

To Be a Leader: How and Why

Jack Hayhow with Opus Communications gives an overview of how and why to be a leader. He quotes ship captain D. Michael Abrashoff: There was a direct relationship between how much the crew knew about a plan and how well they carried it out. That, in turn, brought better results and helped us become more […]

To Be a Leader: The Power of We

Jack Hayhow discusses the power of WE and John Gottmans research on positive to negative interactions (ideal is 5 positive: 1 negative). Hayhow relates Gottmans relationship research to the use of we (as positive) versus I (as negative). He emphasizes the importance of a leader and/or managers use of vocabulary in order to make his/her […]

How Bad is Your Boss?

Actor James Michael Tyler meets with Jean Lipman-Blumen, author of The Allure of Toxic Leaders. She explains that toxic leaders have many things in common; they leave us worse off than they found us by inflicting serious harm and/or damage to people, organizations, institutions, and nations. Lipman-Blumen judges toxic leaders by dysfunctional behavioral qualities, including […]

Extreme Teambuilding from Premier Corporate Training

This is an ad for Extreme Teambuilding, a unique training program that uses exclusive instructional and assessment methods used by Special Forces personnel. It is used for employee selection, networking, staff motivation, and problem solving. He explains the program can be tailored to your needs. He emphasizes the importance of communication, team work, leadership skills, […]

Heroes Football 2009 Superbowl Commercial

This 2009 Superbowl commercial features characters from the TV show Heroes in a football game against former football all stars. The heroes work together using agility, strength, team work, and their super abilities to compete against NFL legends. Does this commercial demonstrate strong group cohesion? How does group cohesiveness affect productivity, efficiency, and member satisfaction? […]