Introduction to I/O

The Impact of Affirmative Action

Over the past several decades, many fewer minority students would have been admitted to college or into professional programs without

Employee Health Habits

Attorney Vikki Ziegler is a guest on the Fox Business Channel where they are debating if your lifestyle choices in

Getting Paid to Stay Healthy

A new phrase is buzzing among employees of some companies: “wellness incentive.” Employers are offering rewards for staying healthy. Wyatt

Herzberg Motivators

This flash movie, resembling the videogame Super Mario, shows the motivators in Herzbergs two-factor theory. What are motivators and which

Office Space Trailer

This trailer for the film Office Space shows two work environments (an office and a restaurant) and the stress caused

Job Satisfaction

This organizational behavior student project covers job satisfaction in the workplace, including a look at productivity, customer service, absenteeism, and

Attitudes, Emotions, and Work

In this student project, five women demonstrate various aspects of the workplace and satisfaction therein. Here are their roles and

Performance Review

In this clip from the UK, a female employee undergoes a performance review and, after having a discussion with her

To Be a Leader: How and Why

Jack Hayhow with Opus Communications gives an overview of how and why to be a leader. He quotes ship captain

To Be a Leader: The Power of We

Jack Hayhow discusses the power of WE and John Gottmans research on positive to negative interactions (ideal is 5 positive:

How Bad is Your Boss?

Actor James Michael Tyler meets with Jean Lipman-Blumen, author of The Allure of Toxic Leaders. She explains that toxic leaders