Conflict Resolution Online Course UniversalClass

This brief clip discusses conflict, its prevalence in media, and how to resolve conflicts in the workplace. Conflict rarely produces positive results. As a preview to the full length online class, discussion topics include animosity, dissent, anger, frustration, rage, disagreements, differences of opinion, yelling, personal attacks and vindictiveness in the business setting. What are some […]

New Workforce Absenteeism Study Offers Insights on Who is Calling in Sick and Why

Nathan Hiller, assistant professor from the business department at Florida International University, explains why he has studied absenteeism. Oftentimes, Hiller explains, two types of job attitudes predict absenteeism. The study looked at job satisfaction over time. Job satisfaction and organizational commitment, in combination, are attitudes found in employees who show up to work. How could […]

Trend: The 4 Day Work Week

A 4 day work week can help businesses cut their budget, increase energy efficiency, and even reduce overtime, sick time, and turnover. The shorter work week helps both the employee and employer save money, but their 4 days at work are longer than regular business hours. However, commuting before and after peak commute times helps […]