Foreign Languages and Bilingualism

  • Bilingual Kids

    A Parents TV anchor interviews directors of a language program and parents on the topic of bilingual children. The benefits to the child and parents are discussed. Is becoming bilingual beneficial or detrimental to children? Explain your stance with points from the video and personal experience. The director of the language program states that it is important to engage children…

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  • Cherokee Language Lesson Tsalagi Syllabary Giduwa Dialect Eastern

    This tutorial aims to teach the Cherokee language, Tsalagi. This language is an example of a syllabary a set of written symbols that represent syllables. These symbols are then combined to form words. A syllabary is one of three main types of orthographies, or methods of mapping the sounds of a language onto a set of written symbols. What are…

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  • Race and Racism: Paraguay’s Linguistic Equality

    Paraguay is the only bilingual country in Latin America. Spanish is the official language in Paraguay where native cultural tradition is still thriving in modern times. Every citizen is also fluent in Guarani, the language of the country’s indigenous people. What is the difference between simultaneous bilingualism and sequential bilingualism? How does bilingualism affect metalinguistic awareness and cognitive control?

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