Pavlovs Dogs Get Conditioned

This video, part of the Introductory Psychology Video Tool Kit (BBC Motion Gallery), is a recreation of Pavlovs laboratory experiments

Pavlovs Fish

The video clip shows the results of studies on conditioning of fish. The investigator is shown collaborating with commercial fisheries

Extinction Burst

This video presents an individual experiencing “extinction burst.” The subject repeatedly pushes a button to close elevator doors, knocks on

Spontaneous Recovery

In this video, a habituated rat shows little response to two trials of a loud noise. After three days back

John Watson Little Albert

Psychologist John Watson theorized that we are entirely a product of nurture, rather than nature, that we are shaped solely

Operant Conditioning

This clip opens by showing a pigeon in a study using food as a reinforcement for pecking behavior. B.F. Skinner

Skinner Box

A mouse is shown in the experimental apparatus pressing a bar in order to turn on a light. When the

Thorndike Puzzle Box

This clip shows a recreation of Thorndike’s research on learning by using cats in puzzle boxes. When cats are put

Learned Helplessness

The video starts with a faculty member teaching a psychology class and having students participate in a class activity on

Banduras Social Cognitive Theory

Bandura introduces key concepts of social-cognitive theory, such as the triadic theory, fortuity, modeling and observational learning, efficacy, moral disengagement.

Bandura BoBo Doll

This film begins with a slide describing the design of Bandura’s classic study on modeling aggression using the Bobo doll.

Children See, Children Do

This public service announcement shows young children following adults and directly imitating their behaviors. Situations include talking on cell phones,

How Do We Decide

In this interview from The Early Show, Jonah Lehrer discusses his book How We Decide. He discusses the relationship between

Pickle Phobic Girl

This video clip from the Maury Povich show presents a woman who has an intense fear of pickles. Her phobia

Does Aversive Conditioning Work?

This video summarizes three years of working in Whistler investigating the utility of aversive conditioning and conditioned taste aversion to