How To Get Fired

A drunken employee talks with friends about their boss at a holiday party. She declares that their boss is cheap,

How To Improve Your Memory

An anchor interviews Angela Chan on one way to improve memory, improve the depth of processing. Chan gives an example

Hit Me: Repeat to Remember

A man plays blackjack with a woman. He eventually gets her phone number and the order to call her. The

Sensory Memory

This video is a short demonstration meant to test your sensory memory. Were you able to see the differences in

Bigger Memory

This video presents a study testing peoples visual memory. Researchers were surprised by just how much detail people were able

Iconic Memory for Android

This short clip demonstrates a game called Iconic Memory in which several white circles are revealed and then hidden, and

The Bunny Effect

In this clip a researcher describes her experiment in getting participants to recall a memory that never actually happened. How

Tip of the Tongue Learning

A reporter asks people on campus a question that arouses the tip of the tongue state. Researcher Karen Humphries describes

Child Abuse, False Memories

This news clip discusses the validity (or lack there of) of repressed memories. Several stories are told of people who

Psych Rap

Psychology students Paul, Alex, and Mike created a music video of their rap song which contains psychological topics and concepts.

Memento Movie Trailer

Memento is a movie about a man who has an accident and can no longer form lasting memories. What effect

The Brain Gym

Recent studies show that certain mental activities may delay or prevent memory loss later in life. A new program being

Erasing Memory

This is not a plot device in the latest thriller, it’s real – scientists have shown that injecting an experimental

Finding Nemo Short Term Memory Loss

This scene from Finding Nemo demonstrates Dorys short-term memory loss. How does short-term memory function differently from sensory memory or

Cuddle Hormone Enhanced

The so-called “cuddle hormone”, oxytocin, is known to increase generosity and trust. Now a new study shows it can improve

Stress and Memory

This experiment tests memory in mice, with and without the presence of stress. The researcher monitored that actions of the

9/11 Flashbulb Memories

Closeness counts when it comes to how strong our memories are. While many people remember where they were when they

Working Memory and Pressure

Dr. Sanjay Gupta and Soledad O Brien of CNN discuss Sian Beilocks research on intelligence and choking. When pressure, time