• Get fired from job

    How To Get Fired

    Getting fired is generally not a pleasant experience and can have serious consequences, such as financial difficulties and damage to one’s professional reputation. While it may be tempting to try to find humor in the situation, it’s important to remember that losing one’s job can be a very stressful and difficult experience, and it’s not something to be taken lightly.:…

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  • Test Your Awareness: Do the Test

    This advertisement for bicycle safety asks us to count the number of passes the white team makes. As it turns out, while were counting, we miss something pretty obvious going on right in the middle of the screen. What is selective attention, and how is this a good example of it?

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  • How the Body Works: Selective Attention

    The physiological explanation for the cocktail phenomenon is given by a narrator and corresponding figure. A diagram includes red particles, which represent sound information. All the particles (sound) enter the ear, but some sounds do not make it past the filter. Have you recently been in a situation that required selective attention? How does selective attention operate according to the…

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  • How To Improve Your Memory

    An anchor interviews Angela Chan on one way to improve memory, improve the depth of processing. Chan gives an example of elaboration and the bizarreness effect. She parked in E6, and to remember it she created an image of an elephant with six appendages. Chan explains the cognitive background that accounts for the effects. Why did Dr. Chan decide to…

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  • Hit Me: Repeat to Remember

    A man plays blackjack with a woman. He eventually gets her phone number and the order to call her. The man attempts to repeat her phone number, but other numbers in the background distract him. A voiceover discusses the limits to short term memory, and a rule: repeat to remember. Author John Medina states that if you repeat something within…

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