Sexual Motivation

  • The Kinsey Scale and Alfred Kinsey

    This video presents information about Alfred Kinsey and the Kinsey Scale through song, combining together footage of classic television and movies. What does the song explain were some issues with Kinseys interviews? What does the phrase sexual preference on a continuum imply? How did Alfred Kinsey measure sexual orientation in his studies of sexual behavior? What do you think of…

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  • Double Standard

    Diane has an enjoyable sexual encounter with a man, and he asks if it is appropriate to have an after-sex cigarette. She elects not to join him but takes out a container of smokeless tobacco, much to the disgust of the man. The dialogue includes Diane criticizing herself for again falling prey to the sexual double standard. What are the…

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  • A Drug Called Pornography

    A Drug Called Pornography is split into a seven part series on YouTube. Part 2 can function to give a historical background of the adult industry. Both sides of the controversy (potential harm to the community and freedom of speech) are discussed. What were some of the arguments against pornography presented in the video? What were some of the arguments…

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