Personality: A Biological Basis

A philosophy instructor considers personality, in addition to reasoning, a determinant of behavior. He gives a brief overview of personality

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

This students video project clearly defines Maslows hierarchy of needs, using visuals to demonstrate each need. The student mentions but

Fashionable Personality Traits

Are personality traits hip and fashionable? An entrepreneur has created apparel and merchandise featuring personality traits and backgrounds, some of

The Temptation

Mirroring Walter Mischel experiment, Dr. David Walsh gives four-year-old children two choices: They can either eat a marshmallow immediately, or

Personality Inventories

Intelecom briefly traces personality theory history, outlines its uses, and discusses how personality inventories work. What personality inventories are described?

Stress, Personality, and You

This student project shows two students, one with type A personality and one with type B personality. He compares their

The Big Five of Personality

Signal Patterns offers personality assessment that uses the five-factor model of personality traits as its basis. What are each of