Demonstrated Traits

  • Optimism: The Greatest Hitter in the World

    In this commercial, a young boy proclaims that he is the greatest hitter in the world. He then proceeds to miss three soft tosses. Instead of becoming discouraged he yells that hes the greatest pitcher in the world. How does this commercial demonstrate optimism? What outcomes could dispositional optimism predict?

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  • The Most Egotistical YouTuber

    This is a comedic piece in which an actor plays a newscaster and lampoons YouTube video bloggers. We are then introduced to Peterwood McBustaload, the winner of the award for The Most Egotistical YouTuber. Flippant remarks and cocky humor follows. In your experience, are YouTube video bloggers egotistical? Why would people display egotism when presenting themselves online?

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  • Cancer Patient Urges Kids to Be Strong

    WBAL TV speaks with Mackenzie who has had cancer twice in her eleven years and is a part of the Cool Kids Campaign. They use the slogan Cancer Fears Me and motivate cancer patients to beat the disease. What research has been conducted on how optimism can affect recovery? What is the relationship between optimism and health?

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