Personality Assessment

  • The Temptation

    Mirroring Walter Mischel experiment, Dr. David Walsh gives four-year-old children two choices: They can either eat a marshmallow immediately, or if they wait 20 minutes, they can have two. In the original study, how did some childrens ability to wait correlate with their SAT scores later in life?

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  • Personality Inventories

    Intelecom briefly traces personality theory history, outlines its uses, and discusses how personality inventories work. What personality inventories are described? How can personality inventories be used?

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  • stress personality you

    Stress, Personality, and You

    This student project shows two students, one with type A personality and one with type B personality. He compares their morning rituals and shows them taking a test. He explains some of the side effects of stress that type A personalities may experience. The video discusses the difference between Type A and Type B personalities and how they respond to…

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  • The Big Five of Personality

    Signal Patterns offers personality assessment that uses the five-factor model of personality traits as its basis. What are each of the five factors (Extraversion, Neuroticism, Openness to experience, Agreeableness, and Conscientiousness) associated with in terms of personality and behavior?

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