Research Methods

This video covers the different research methods in psychology: introspection, case studies, survey research, archival research, and experimental research. What

Get A Research Method

Differences between qualitative and quantitative research are covered in this spoof of the humorous Apple commercials. This student project does

Kinsey – Movie Trailer

A montage of movie scenes is presented, but of note are the scenes depicting the research method the interview. Kinsey


The headless professor discusses the concept of reliability and some of the more common types of reliability measures. He presents


The headless professor defines validity and how it is established by way of a 2 x 2 contingency table. He


The headless professor explains the difference between subjects (participants), groups, samples, and populations. He offers a clinical example and a

Penn and Teller: Placebo Effect

Comedians Penn and Teller expose medical scam artists by using outrageous fake medical equipment and a fictitious doctor in a

Delayed Gratification: M&Ms

In this experiment, researchers test the impulse control of children. An experimenter tells the children that if they wait to

Implicit Association Test

This clip demonstrates the Implicit Association Test (IAT). African American and Caucasian participants take the IAT individually, and in the

The Milgram Experiment

This short animated clip explains both Milgrams experiment and the implications it had. In light of how closely this experiment

How To Read Citations

This video explains how to read citations, including how to differentiate what kind of source a citation is referencing. What

What is Plagiarism?

This clip explains both what plagiarism is, and what some of the consequences can be. The video pushes the concept

History of Informed Consent

Photos and a timeline are shown as a voice-over discusses the history of informed consent, including what led to the