Choosing a Method

  • Research Methods

    This video covers the different research methods in psychology: introspection, case studies, survey research, archival research, and experimental research. What is the oldest research method? Why was the method effective? In what ways was it limited? The headless professor mentions archival research in his lesson. What is it? How can it be done on the internet? Give an example or…

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  • Get A Research Method

    Differences between qualitative and quantitative research are covered in this spoof of the humorous Apple commercials. This student project does mention some limitations of each, but appears to be biased toward qualitative research. Using this commercial as your evidence, which research method do you favorquantitative or qualitative? Why? Evaluate the limitations noted in this short commercial. Which of the limitations…

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  • Kinsey – Movie Trailer

    A montage of movie scenes is presented, but of note are the scenes depicting the research method the interview. Kinsey introduces himself and trains his research assistants on how to act when participants are being interviewed. Kinseys interview techniques provided vivid data on the sexual practices of people in the late 1940s and 1950s. What advice do you think he…

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