Sensation and Perception

MRIs and Synesthesia

Cognitive neuroscientists have now documented hundreds of cases of synesthesia the condition in which one sense triggers the response of a

Cross Section of an Eyeball

This short clip consists of a cross-section diagram with eye structures labeled and corresponding narration. Structures such as the sclera, choroid,

The Visual Mechanism

The visual system is described by a speaker using a simple cross section diagram from above. Structures such as the visual

Exploring the Eye

A narrator explores the structures of the eye with a simple corresponding diagram. What divides the eye into two sections? Which

Hearing Motion

Imagine if words created a taste in your mouth, or music created bursts of color. This rare condition, called synesthesia, results

Synesthesia – Heroes

This clip from the television show, Heroes, shows a woman playing a cello. As she plays, she sees colors radiating from

Science of Sound

This NASA Connect segment explores all the basics of sound including how it works and how it travels. The video also

The Auditory Pathways

A simple illustration and narration describe the structures that transport sensory information all the way to the brain areas that process

Tinnitus: Can You Hear That?

A public service announcement begins with young men and women holding their ears and asking can you hear it? Some people

Benny Lava

This is one of many videos from the artist Prabu Deva (aka Benny Lava) that has been posted on YouTube.

The Human Skin Animation Video

This short animation provides a quick overview of the epidermis and dermis. The bodys largest organ is the skin, which serves

The Sensory Cortex and Touch

A narrator explains our sense of touch using simple diagrams. The sensory cortex is represented in red and has an arrow

The Tacto Phone

This video demonstrates The Tacto Phone, a concept developed by Oren Horev and Victor Szilagyi, which explored how the back of

Rubber Hand Illusion

The rubber hand illusion might help develop more realistic sensations for those who have lost a limb. What do you think

Taste Centers

This clip goes into detail about some of the overlooked characteristics of the tongue, such as the different types of papillae,

The Sense of Taste

A short animated diagram introduces the perception of taste starting with the detection of food molecules all the way to the

Supertaster’s Taste Buds

The documentary profiles a supertaster and discusses how our taste buds process different flavors. Computer generated footage is coupled with


We’re all familiar with sweet, salty, bitter and sour tastes. But how many of us have heard of Umami? What kinds