Social Psych Love Presentation

This student project uses popular films and television shows to demonstrate Sternbergs Triangular Theory of Love. It includes clips from Wedding

Lust or Love

Anthropologist Dr. Helen Fisher discusses with the Morning Show how a mans face can tell a woman whether or not hes

Perfume Psychology

Wouldn’t it be lovely if you could simply put a dash of perfume on yourself and men will be held

Onset of Puberty

Researchers have discovered the precise chemical chain reaction that could be the much-sought-after puberty trigger: The KiSS-1 gene, which produces a

Friends: Monicas Erogenous Zones

In this clip from the TV show Friends, Monica shows Chandler how to use the seven basic erogenous zones. Considering Monicas

Female Sexual Dysfunction

News reporter Stan Miller discusses sexual dysfunction with Dr. Mark Bastuba. They cover reasons for dysfunction, solutions, and the prevalence of

Gender Identity Development

An interviewer questions two young boys about their gender and why they know why they are either a boy or a

Mans Last Stand

This ad from Dodge debuted during the 2010 Super Bowl and immediately got a lot of attention for its cleverness. How

Womans Last Stand

Please note: This clip has strong language in the last seconds of the video. This video was created in answer to

Russell Peters on Arranged Marriage

Comedian Russell Peters imitates his mother, who insists he settle for an arranged marriage. A significant proportion of arranged marriages still

Attraction and Mate Selection

This video clip discusses social and sexual attraction and the various ways humans select mates. Dr. David Buss discusses the evolutionary

No on 8 PSA: NO vs YES

This brief PSA parodies the PC vs. MAC commercials with PC representing yes for Prop 8 and MAC representing no.

Woman Pregnant Twice

A CBS reporter speaks with Todd and Julia Grovenberg who have conceived two fetuses at different times; they were conceived

Mistah F.A.B. Safer Sex PSA

This San Francisco Department of Public Health PSA features rap artist MISTAH F.A.B. He advises people living in the San Francisco