Relationships and Marriage

  • Russell Peters on Arranged Marriage

    Comedian Russell Peters imitates his mother, who insists he settle for an arranged marriage. A significant proportion of arranged marriages still occur in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. How would you feel about your mother or father choosing your spouse? What is the prevalence of arranged marriage in America?

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  • Attraction and Mate Selection

    This video clip discusses social and sexual attraction and the various ways humans select mates. Dr. David Buss discusses the evolutionary perspective and sex differences. Dr. Alice Eagly has a social-structural theory focus and believes our social role affects our mate choice. According to Dr. Buss, how do men and women choose mates?

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  • No on 8 PSA: NO vs YES

    This brief PSA parodies the PC vs. MAC commercials with PC representing yes for Prop 8 and MAC representing no. Although initially same sex marriage was legalized in California, Prop 8 passed in late 2008. 18,000 marriages that occurred before Prop 8 passed are still legal. Which states have legalized same-sex marriage to date?

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