Definition of Culture

In this video William Kornblum of the City University of New York defines culture in three major parts: ideas, norms,

Facebook and GPAs

This video clip discusses an Ohio State University study that shows that Facebook users have a lower GPA than those

Hikikomori in Japan

In this clip Norwegian host Bridget, subtitled in English, describes the occurrence of hikikomori. People with this condition seclude themselves

Self Regulation

This group project from students at Baruch College explains self regulation, including the control theory. The clip shows students comparing

Looking Glass Self

This clip from a student project shows Vern who explains Charles Horton Colleys term looking-glass self. Vern dances through the

Girls Self-Esteem

This video clip, sponsored by Dove, shows girls of various ages and backgrounds and how interactions with peers affected their

Sullys Personal Side

Katie Couric interviews Captain Chelsey Sully Sullenberger who successfully crash landed an airbus carrying 159 passengers in the Hudson River.

Intervention Ben & Josh

Ben, a 25-year-old genius addicted to DXM (dextromethorphan), and Josh, an overweight 22-year-old addicted to food, tell A&Es show Intervention

Jim Mora Playoffs

After a loss, head coach Jim Mora was asked to comment during the customary post-game press conference. Coach Mora attributed

Fundamental Attribution Error

This video explains the concept of the fundamental attribution error. What example does the instructor offer to explain fundamental attribution

Heuristic Childcare

In this animation project, a mother leaves her son at home under the care of a robot who keeps heuristics

Availability Heuristic

In this clip about estimating risk (the availability heuristic) ABC News describes how road rage is running rampant. Bob Lichter

Responsibility of Strangers

In this ABC news clip editors from What Would You Do? conduct a social experiment about the attribution theory. In

A Happiness Gene

In this clip, a geneticist, Gene Hama, explains that people are born with a long or short gene that acts

Putting Your Best Face Forward

UBC Assistant Professor Dr. Elizabeth Dunn explains her theory putting your best face forward. Dr. Dunn explains that in initial