Stanford Prison Experiment

This clip explains Philip Zimbardos Stanford Prison Experiment. Students volunteered to participate as either prisoners or prison guards. The prisoner participants were arrested from their homes and were kept in small cells for 24-hour periods. The guards worked 8-hour shifts. Although students entered the experiment in good physical and mental health, prisoners became ill and […]

Tough Day? Think Positive!

In this Huggies ad a child is confronted with a tough dayhe gets fired, his car is impounded, and he is unable to get into his house. Even with all these difficult and challenging occurrences, he keeps a smile on his face and seems to have a positive attitude. What do attitudes allow us, as […]

Mere-Exposure Effect: Attraction and Intimacy

In this student project, Amber defines the mere exposure effect and gives an example of how it works. As she makes her way to her apartment, she sees various advertisements for a type of beer. When she reaches into her refrigerator for a beer she has to choose between Stone IPA and Bud Light. Which […]

Moral Pharmacist Social Experiment

This video is a good exploration of attitudes, how they are formed, and what function they serve the people in this experiment. Our attitudes are part of our emotional aspect of being, our patterns of beliefs and values and shape our future actions. There are three types of Attitudes (A, B, C: Affectively based (emotional), […]

Cognitive Jones

In this student project, a young man sits in front of his television and drinks a 6-pack of Jones Soda. He then sees a news report reporting that the FDA has recalled Jones Soda because it contains an addictive substance. Jones Soda is made illegal. The young man is obviously disturbed by the news, paces […]

Johnny Depp in Fraternity Initiation

In this clip from 21 Jump Street, Johnny Depp is a pledge in a fraternity. The pledge father explains the hardships that will befall the pledges as they attempt to become active brothers. The pledges arent allowed any form of individuality and are demeaned as they complete insensible tasks. What is effort justification? How does […]

MAC vs PC — Counselor

The Mac and the PC are sitting with a therapist. The therapist asks the Mac to say something positive about PC. He does. Then PC begins giving Mac a compliment and ends with an insult. After the remark, the therapist recommends they should come in twice a week. Are these commercials targeting the central route […]

Chevrolet 2007 Super Bowl Commercial — «Ain’t We Got Love»

This commercial shows images of celebrities singing songs that include the Chevrolet brand name. Most of the scenes show these celebrities walking toward, driving, or polishing their Chevys. Which route of the elaboration likelihood model does Chevrolet target in this commercial? Which two unconditioned stimuli (UCS) are paired with the brand Chevrolet?

I Can Forget: 9/11 Survivors

This clip shows survivors of the 9/11 attacks who explain their experiences. They describe the days occurrences, how they were able to survive, and remember the friends they lost. Define survivor guilt. How can survivor guilt take place not only after catastrophic events occur but also during a recession?

Mood Food and ADHD

Canadian twins Scott and Spencer McHaffie excel in hockey but fail in school. Diagnosed with ADHD at an early age, the twins were a handful at home and in the classroom. Gretchen LeFever believes that ADHD is overdiagnosed and overmedicated. Dr. Michael Lyon provides parents of children with ADHD nutritional aids and diets to hinder […]

Performance on the Court (Yerkes-Dodson Law) Basketball Blog

In this basketball blog, Chase describes how to achieve peak performance by using the Yerkes-Dodson Law of Arousal in his pre-game preparation. He explains arousal levels and that the ideal place to be is somewhere between the high and low extremes. Does Chase sufficiently explain Yerkes-Dodson Law of Arousal? Where is the curve (higher or […]

Social Psychology Persuasion Techniques

In this student project, Faina uses various persuasion techniques to get peers to help her finish her homework. They go over the door-in-the-face technique, foot-in-the-door technique, and reciprocal helping. Were the groups definitions of the persuasion techniques accurate? Were their examples accurate? What are some other persuasion techniques that could apply to this situation?

Asch Conformity Experiment

The Asch conformity experiments were a series of studies published in the 1950s that demonstrated the power of conformity in groups. These are also known as the «Asch Paradigm». The volunteer is surrounded by actors who choose the wrong line length in a visual perception test. Why does the volunteer conform to the group?

One Year Later: Inside the Polygamist Ranch Raid

This AP news clip provides a glimpse into the YFZ Ranch a year after it was raided on a tip that young girls were being sexually abused and forced into marriage to older men. The community consists of polygamist husband Warren Jeffs and his 58 wives and 439 children. The families living in the YFZ […]

Michael Jackson This Is It Official Movie Trailer

After Michael Jacksons untimely death in 2009, a film based on his planned concert tour entitled This Is It hit theaters worldwide. The film follows his performance preparations and features footage of Jackson with people from his tour. As noted, this film had a limited release of two weeks. What is the fast-approaching-deadline technique? Research […]

Vince with Slap Chop

In this infomercial for Slap Chop, Vince shows all the different ways he can use the Slap Chop. He explains how it will help you save time, eat healthier, makes cleaning easier, and helps you lose weight. Along with the Slap Chop Vince offers the Graty and shows how easy both the Slap Chop and […]

Danielle Fishel Nutrisystems Commercial

Danielle Fishel, famous as Topanga from 90s tv show Boy Meets World, endorses Nutrisystem and claims that she lost jobs because she was overweight. She was able to lose nearly 30 pounds. Is she a trustworthy source? How is Fishel a convert communicator?

AT&T Yard Sale Rollover Minutes Commercial

In this AT&T commercial a mother protects her roll-over minutes at a garage sale. Her son says that theyre antique, but the mother explains that theyre exactly the same and saving minutes saves money. AT&T has consistently used the same family and basic campaign but has changed the activities and interactions the family has had. […]

TV Not Good for Babies and Children

Michael Rich explains why children are more susceptible to advertising on television. The APA asks parents to pay attention to the pervasive effects of advertising. In February, the APAs Task Force on Advertising and Children formally backed a proposal to restrict advertising to kids 8 years old and younger. The task forces report carefully lays […]

Pay It Forward The Power of Three

In this trailer for Pay It Forward, one young student devises a plan to pay it forward by offering three people big favors and then have those people help three others. His purpose is to change the world. How does this clip show prosocial behavior? How does it show reciprocity?

Monkey Cooperation and Fairness

A pair of capuchin monkeys (Cebus apella) show very compelling signs of cooperation and a sense of fairness, by working together to solve a problem using tools, and then sharing the reward. They also show signs of understanding fairness: when unequal rewards are given to one monkey and not another, the monkey receiving the lesser […]

Dilbert Prisoners Dilemma

Arrested for the murder of a fictitious coworker, Dilbert and colleagues face interrogation by the police. Dilbert announces that his knowledge of the prisoner’s dilemma will save him. Define the prisoners dilemma. Is Dilberts explanation correct? How does it work?

Chris Brown Apology

Chris Brown, famous hip hop singer, apologizes for his attack of girlfriend and fellow hip hop singer, Rihanna. He explains that he has done his best to live in a way that can make others proud of him and says his actions are inexcusable. He mentions that he has been blessed with family, friends, and […]