The Pickup Artist TV Show

The Pickup Artist, a reality TV show from VH1, shows how two self-proclaimed Casanovas (Mystery and Matador) teach unconfident men how to be attractive to women. Some of the men havent had sex, some are unable to approach women because they are petrified, and some need confidence overall. Through makeovers, training, and putting the men […]

Milla Jovovich — Calvin Klein «Escape» Ad

In this Calvin Klein cologne commercial, a female and a male model run through a narrow hallway in pursuit of one another. What type of love is demonstrated in this clip, according to Berscheid and Hatfield? What would Robert Sternberg say about this kind of love over time?

Tyra Banks Addresses the Unflattering Bathing Suit Photos

Tyra Banks addresses the criticism and remarks about her weight gain in the tabloids. Tyra suggests that if she had lower self-esteem that she may be starving herself like others do. Do celebrities possess enough power to influence perceptions of physical appearance, particularly weight in society? What factors contribute to prejudice against people who are […]

Rise in Hate Groups

This news clip discusses the rise of hate groups in the United States since 2000. Harry Smith and Morris Dees confer over reasons for this rise, including the election of President Barack Obama. What does Dr. Dees think about domestic versus foreign hate groups and public safety? Define Gordon Allports contact hypothesis; how might his […]

Shopping While Black Social Experiment

In this social experiment a African American actress shops at an upscale store and is prejudiced against by a boutique worker (also played by an actress). According to a recent survey, 60% of African Americans feel theyre victimized by the stigma of shopping while black. The experiment shows the shopper dressed up and dressed down. […]

YouTubes Symphony

This video documents the process of creating an orchestra by having people audition on YouTube. Those who make the cut travel to Carnegie Hall to play a concert. One of the problems discussed is the language barrier between the various members of the orchestra. How has the internet changed peoples ability to communicate with each […]

Diane Schroer on Transgender Discrimination

Starting a new life and searching for a new career isn’t easy, but Diane Schroer, a highly-decorated veteran, is no stranger to a challenge. A former Airborne Ranger qualified Special Forces officer, Schroer began taking steps to transition from male to female shortly after retiring as a Colonel after 25 years of distinguished service in […]

Social Loafing Quality

This student project attempts to provide an example of social loafing. Three friends decide to make a snack. Two of the girls are working hard to finish the dessert while the third girl stirs and texts at the same time. Two of the girls continue to finish preparing the dessert for the oven as the […]

Accused of Child Murder

In this news clip, reporters discuss the shocking news that Melissa Huckaby, a 28-year-old Sunday school teacher, allegedly murdered and dumped the body of 8-year-old Sandra Cantu in an irrigation ditch after two weeks of heavily publicized searching. Because Cantus disappearance and murder was highly publicized, the judge ordered a gag order. What does this […]

OJ Simpson Vegas Robbery

This news clip describes jury selection in the O.J. Simpson Vegas trial. Since Simpson was acquitted of murder charges in 1995, jury selection for this case was difficult. Simpson was eventually charged on all 10 counts in the Vegas trial. If his murder trial and the not guilty verdict had not been widely publicized, do […]

Elisabeth Fritzl Childrens Detail

This news video details the story of Elisabeth Fritzl, who was imprisoned by her father Josef Fritzl for the majority of her life in a secret chamber. The reporters discuss the horrors discovered. What do you think about the commentary provided about Rosemarie Fritzls ignorance to the abuse in her home? How could abuse like […]

Extracting Taste out of Waste

This video shows how restaurant waste in San Francisco becomes nutrient-rich compost used in farms and vineyards. What is the purpose of weeds in Canards farm? How does garbage make its way back onto 2,000 San Francisco restaurant tables?

Bottle Bank Arcade The

The conducts an experiment in order to get people to recycle their bottles by making it a fun activity. The experimenter sets up a bottle bank with flashing lights and a display, giving the player points for their bottles. The flashy bottle bank receives bottles from 100 people, while a nearby bottle bank is […]

A Clockwork Green

George Lundberg, Editor in Chief of Medscape General Medicine begins the short clip with an introduction of the speaker and topic. Stephen Moffic, a professor of psychiatry, offers his perspective on why physicians and psychiatrists have not addressed the emotional, physiological, and behavioral effects of environmental issues. Moffic also notes a paradigm for social influence […]

Therapy with a Dose of Nature

Thomas Dohert, coordinator of ecopsychology studies at Lewis & Clark’s graduate school discusses the relationship between a person’s values and their beliefs about the environment. Graduate students share their experiences in ecopsychology courses and how the perspective benefited them personally and professionally. What is eco-therapy? What are some ways to help people connect with the […]

We Have to Live Within the Carrying Capacity of the Earth

Christopher Slatter of EuroNews interviews Bjorn Stigson of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development. Stigson remarks on the balancing act between development and our environment. He cautions that we have to live within the carrying capacity of the earth, and that we may need to change our lifestyles and consumption patterns to reduce emissions. […]

Mathis Wackernagel: The Ecological Footprint

The developer of the ecological footprint concept, Mathis Wackernagel, is interviewed. He defines the concept by a financial analogy, and thus ecological footprints are our world’s ecological capital. Wackernagel continues with the financial analogies likening our current ecological depletion of 25-30% as going into bankruptcy. How is a person’s or country’s ecological footprint calculated?

Where Does E-Waste End Up?

A Greenpeace scientist, Kevin Brigden, analyzed the soil and water of two large e-waste recycling markets India and China and found extremely high levels of contamination. In light of this, leading electronics companies have vowed to begin developing safer, non-toxic alternatives in their products. Why isn’t this waste processed in the United States since most […]

The Psychology of Climate Change

Journalist and ABC news correspondent, Bill Blakemore, speaks to some of the psychological phenomena that occur when people think about environmental crises. In particular, Blakemore focuses on some of the defense mechanisms we use to cope with the discomfort caused by environmental issues. How is selective denial harmful? How is selective denial adaptive?

How to Reuse Everyday Items

In this instructional video, a number of suggestions are given on how to reuse everyday items. These items include old newspapers, produce bags, greeting cards, mouse pads, file folders, and junk mail. Which of the household items would be easiest for you to reuse? Which item in the video is the least likely to be […]

How to Be Green at Work

Howcast uses a similar format to the clip above, but this time on how to be green at work. Practical and some less practical workplace suggestions are given for employees. Suppose you want to do your part to reduce your reliance on personal transportation. What are some potential options for you and your workplace?