This is a video of a machine that measures web activity and adjusts accordingly, creating a bar graph with the

Social Psychology Experiment

This student-created project is a short cartoon in which one character administers an experiment in which participants write their response.

I Picked the Wrong Test

This video from the singer Britney Spearmen, sings about the importance of picking the correct test. Why is it important

Z-Scores Explained

This brief video describes what a Z-score is, and how it relates to a bell curve. What does the Z-score


The headless professor defines correlation and practical aspects, such as the direction and magnitude of relationships. What is a positive

Statistical Significance

The headless professor continues from the previous lesson on correlation. He begins with identifying the four possible relationships that could

John Tukey

This clip is the beginning of an student project for an AP Statistics class. The students who made the film

Florence Nightingale

Florence Nightingale was sent to Turkey by the British government during the Crimean War. She was intensely disturbed by the

The Gauss Story: A Holiday Tradition

This clip presents some general information about Carl Friedrich Gauss, who was instrumental in defining and understanding the normal distribution.