• Psychology of Mass Hysteria

    When the Coronavirus pandemic hit, an interesting behavior took place.  Within a few days of the warnings about the spread of COVID-19, people flocked to the stores to buy supplies.  Although that isn’t a behavior out of the ordinary, one of the items people hoarded in great supply was – toilet paper. There will likely be many ongoing theories as…

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  • lungs diagram

    Breathing Techniques if You Have Respiratory Illness

    If you are experiencing symptoms of Covid-19 or Pneumonia, why not give yourself the best chance of getting through your illness? These lung exercises/techniques should help.

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  • Can Pets Contract and Spread Coronavirus?

    The fast spreading Coronavirus is highly contagious between people but many wonder how safe their pest are when it comes to COVID-19 and whether or not pets could pass the virus onto people. Researchers say felines actually are at higher risk than dogs.   A research team at Harbin Veterinary Research Institute in China says other animals including chickens, pigs and…

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  • Is the Coronavirus a Bioweapon? History Says Maybe

    Only time will tell for sure but many suspect the Coronavirus pandemic that hit the world in the early part of 2020 is not a random-mutated virus but a nefarious act by an evil agent aimed to bring its enemies to their knees. Experts have long warned anyone who would listen that a deadly bioweapon would one day be used…

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  • Can Coronavirus Spread Through Food?

    There are many ways the Coronavirus can spread, through touch and exposure to droplets from sneezing and coughing.  Many want to know if the virus can be spread through food. It’s also know the virus can survive on surfaces for many hours but likely won’t survive on packaging from foods being imported. Though Coronavirus is highly contagious, it’s not believed…

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  • viral spread social dinner party

    How Easily Does a Virus Travel?

    If you have ever wondered how careful you have to be to avoid the spread of a virus, this Mythbusters episode from 2010 demonstrates how easy it is for someone who is infected to be able to spread. Even though the group in question. This video is a fantastic demonstration of how difficult it is to avoid social spread and…

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  • corona covid embed charts

    Four Sites With All Of The Covid Corona Virus Data

    There are some amazing data visualizations in the charts and graphs below. There are multiple data visualizations that can be used as images or as interactive embeds for a presentation. You will find more infographics at Statista

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