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Do I Have an Anxiety Disorder?

Method Description
Self-Report Questionnaires Patients can fill out a survey that asks specific questions about symptoms of anxiety disorders.
Clinical Interviews A mental health professional can conduct a one-on-one interview to assess the presence of anxiety disorders.
Behavioral Observations A clinician can observe the patient’s behavior and responses to certain situations to determine if they have an anxiety disorder.
Physiological Measures Measures such as heart rate, blood pressure, and skin conductance can be taken to assess the body’s response to anxiety-provoking stimuli.

An anxiety disorder is a mental health condition characterized by excessive worry and fear that can interfere with daily functioning. Symptoms may include panic attacks, phobias, generalized anxiety disorder, and more.

AnswersTV.com discusses anxiety disorders and what symptoms to look for. They cover the five types of anxiety disorders and discuss how a doctor might determine which anxiety disorder you may have. What are the five types of anxiety disorders and what are the basic ways to tell them apart? How does OCD manifest itself outwardly?

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