Clips for Class

Clips for Class

We created this website in response to a request we hear over and over again from psychology professors would love to have more video!

We launched an extensive search for videos on the internet that could be used both in class and by students at home. The videos range from news clips, to popular television shows, to student projects, and represent many psychological fields of study.

Of course, we know there is always more out there. If you know of any video that would work for our site, or have any suggestions or comments, please send us a message.

We have compiled lists of disorders to help you make the most of Clips for Class. Just click any of the categories in the list below to reveal a list of associated disorders, the title of relevant video(s), and a link to the section where you can find each video. Click the category again to hide the list of disorders.

[spoiler show=”Anxiety Disorders”] [/spoiler]
[spoiler show=”Developmental & Cognitive Disorders”] [/spoiler]
[spoiler show=”Eating & Sleep Disorders”] [/spoiler]
[spoiler show=”Mood Disorders”] [/spoiler]
[spoiler show=”Personality Disorders”] [/spoiler]
[spoiler show=”Physical & Neurological Disorders & Conditions”] [/spoiler]
[spoiler show=”Sexual & Gender Identity Disorders & Paraphilias”] [/spoiler]
[spoiler show=”Somatoform & Dissociative Disorders & Schizophrenia”] [/spoiler]
[spoiler show=”Substance-Related & Impulse-Control Disorders”] [/spoiler]
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