Attitudes, Beliefs, and ConsistencySocial

Moral Pharmacist Social Experiment

This video is a good exploration of attitudes, how they are formed, and what function they serve the people in this experiment.

Our attitudes are part of our emotional aspect of being, our patterns of beliefs and values and shape our future actions.

There are three types of Attitudes (A, B, C: Affectively based (emotional), Behaviorally based (observing behaviors of others) and Cognitively based (reacting with our rational thoughts over our emotions).

In this clip, a pharmacist refuses to fill a birth control prescription for a young woman. Other people in the pharmacy observe; they offer the teenage girl support, but only to a point. Who interferes with the pharmacist and what do they say? What happens when a more outspoken actor tries to fill her contraception prescription and how do the observers react? How are dual attitudes present?

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