AbnormalPhysical, Eating, and Sleep Disorders

Overcoming Binge Eating The Secret Food Diaries

The Secret Food Diaries is a short film which follows Dinutta as she comes to terms with her eating disorder.

Dinutta binge eats and keeps very little in her cupboards to thwart her overeating. She will not eat with her son because she worries he will mirror her eating habits. Mary goes shopping with Dinutta to help her select food for four days (she ordinarily only purchases for one days worth of food).

Dinutta is distressed when selecting food, but Mary keeps her on track by choosing foods that were explicitly on the list and helping her make decisions.

Dinutta discusses her history with food and inability to maintain a satisfactory weight. For eating disorders in general, how does self-control play a major part? What anxiety and mood disorders co-occur with eating disorders?

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