darWe created this website in response to a request we hear over and over again from psychology professors would love to have more video!

We launched an extensive search for videos on the internet that could be used both in class and by students at home. The videos range from news clips, to popular television shows, to student projects, and represent many psychological fields of study.

Of course, we know there is always more out there. If you know of any video that would work for our site, or have any suggestions or comments, please send us a message.


Living with Schizophrenia

Robert Lundin, a man suffering from schizophrenia, discusses his experiences. He explains his upbringing and when he first began to

My Sisters Keeper Part 1 of 9

My Sisters Keeper (2002) is a poignant and sensitive portrayal of a real-life story of two sisters and their search

Simulated Schizophrenia

Included in this clip are two versions of what a schizophrenic hears and sees when going to a pharmacy and

What Does Schizophrenia Do?

Dr. Gerald Chodek discusses biological factors and their key role in schizophrenia. Neurotransmission is briefly covered, explaining the normal brains

ADHD and the Brain

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a common behavioral disorder that emerges in children before the age of 7 and

Learning Disorders

This preview to NYUs Child Study Center shows two young people and Dr. Dominick Auciello who explain how the center

Selective Mutism

This clip from ABC News discusses selective mutism. Children with selective mutism are able to speak regularly when at home

I Am Sam trailer

This trailer for I Am Sam shows Sam, who is mentally retarded, and his struggle to support his young daughter,

Up Syndrome

University of Texas student Duane Graves chronicles his charismatic childhood chum Rene Moreno, a San Antonio native with Down syndrome,

Muscle Contraction

This video shows the interaction of myosin and actin during a muscle contraction. What happens after ATP binds? This clip

The Patellar Reflex

This video shows how to test for the patellar reflex. What actions are your neurons taking to make this reflex

The Babinski Reflex

This video demonstrates how to test for the Babinski Reflex. The demonstrator explains that this test should be done on

The Brain Map Rap

This student project can help you study the areas and functions of the brain and its darn catchy too. What

Mirror Neurons

This short clip explains the action of these neurons and the testing of their functionality, while exploring the case of

Risky Brains

This ScienCentral clip discusses the relationship between dopamine and risk-taking. How accurate do you think this research is? Do you

Smoker Brain Error

This video explores the effects of nicotine on choices made in an investment game. Why do you think the researchers

Japanese Puffer Fish

This video follows a young mans trip to Japan to consume the often deadly Fugu, or Puffer, and discusses the