darWe created this website in response to a request we hear over and over again from psychology professors would love to have more video!

We launched an extensive search for videos on the internet that could be used both in class and by students at home. The videos range from news clips, to popular television shows, to student projects, and represent many psychological fields of study.

Of course, we know there is always more out there. If you know of any video that would work for our site, or have any suggestions or comments, please send us a message.


Nanobridges for Brain Repair

Neurologists are using nanotechnology to build tiny bridges that brain cells can grow on to reconnect cells damaged by a

Brain Plasticity

Jodi Miller seems like a fairly typical little girl, but has undergone some of the most drastic surgery possible. In

How MRI Works

Wizard of Schenectady Howard Hart explains how the MRI works. How do the magnetic field gradients work to provide information?

Mind Reading with Imaging

This video presents experiments researchers conducted with MRI imaging to predict what brains are thinking. What are some of the

Brain Boot Camp

Researchers have put people through a series of brain exercises a “brain boot camp” and found that just like exercise

Twins DNA Differences

Identical twins don’t have identical DNA. As this ScienCentral News video explains, this surprising research could help scientists better understand

Reverse Evolution

Scientists have reversed evolution, reconstructing a gene that existed more than 500 million years ago. The gene controls our ability

Hair Follicle Stem Cells

This video presents a non-invasive method for developing stem cells from hair follicles in mice. Could this same method prove

Using EEG to Predict Alzheimers

Using new computer software that analyzes EEG data, psychiatrists can now better distinguish early signs of Alzheimer’s from normal aging

Pill to Fight Alcoholism

This Science Daily clip shows a young mother who is battling alcohol abuse and is using Topiramate, a drug than

Caffeine and Skin

This video is a ScienceCentral clip about externally applied caffeine and the prevention of skin cancer. How does this video

Cognitive Psychology

This short animation sings the praises of cognitive psychology. Or does it? Several of the comments on the clips YouTube

Cognitive Psychology Godfathers

In this student project, a voice over discusses Albert Bandura, Walter Mischel, the BoBo Doll Experiment, the Marshmallow Experiment, and

Cognitive Psychology Student Project

Another student project, this clip visually discusses the multi-store model, the working memory model, and several concepts in cognitive psychology.

Charlie Rose Stephen Hawking

Despite being almost completely paralyzed by ALS, Stephen Hawking remains one of the worlds foremost theoretical physicists and has contributed

The Uncanny Valley

This Science of YouTube video explains the uncanny valley. This theory, first introduced by Masahiro Mori in 1970, proposes that

Mental Imagery

This clip presents a lecture on what eye-tracking reveals about mental imagery. It was presented at conferences and published in

Tricks of the Eye

This video presents several tricks of the eye, beginning with the idea that if words are scrambled, as long as