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Sexuality Theory and Research

Social Psych Love Presentation

This student project uses popular films and television shows to demonstrate Sternbergs Triangular Theory of Love. It includes clips from Wedding Crashers, Everybody Loves Raymond, and Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Do you agree with how the students who created this video aligned each clip to the types of love: companionate, fatuous, and romantic? Why or why not?

Lust or Love

Anthropologist Dr. Helen Fisher discusses with the Morning Show how a mans face can tell a woman whether or not hes looking for love or lust. Dr. Fisher discusses how women may choose men based on appearance in accordance with their lifestyle and desires. What is important to remember about men whose faces are more masculine?

Perfume Psychology

Wouldn’t it be lovely if you could simply put a dash of perfume on yourself and men will be held spellbound by you? Dr. Steve Van Toller, a perfume psychology expert, discusses the sense of smell. Dr. Van Toller explains that our sense of smell doesnt have a cognitive affect, but does have an emotional one. According to this video, who has a better sense of smell: men or women? What scents lift our moods? How does our sense of smell interact with memory?

Sexual Development and Exploration

Onset of Puberty

Researchers have discovered the precise chemical chain reaction that could be the much-sought-after
puberty trigger: The KiSS-1 gene, which produces a protein in the hypothalamus, a part of the brain,
which regulates metabolic activity. What can precocious or delayed triggering of the KiSS-1 gene

Sex and the Senses

In fruit flies, males and females have a genetic predisposition to sense the world in different ways.
What does the scientist predict about differences in human senses based on the fruit fly

Risks of Female Masturbation According to Islamic Teaching

[Please note this video is subtitled in English] Sheik Yousef Al-Qaradhawi explains why, according to the
Islamic beliefs and customs, female masturbation is risky for the womans credibility and life overall. How is masturbation viewed in our culture today? How has it been viewed historically across

Friends: Monicas Erogenous Zones

In this clip from the TV show Friends, Monica shows Chandler how to use the seven basic erogenous zones. Considering Monicas explanation, what might Monicas description of the seven erogenous zones be? What is the largest sexual organ in the human body?

Gender Development and Roles

Male Monkeys Prefer Boy Toys

A team of scientists found that male monkeys spent more time playing with wheeled toys, while the females played with both plush and wheeled toys equally. What do scientists believe about male toy

Sexual Orientation and Nematode Genes

By turning on a gene in the brain, scientists have shown they can reverse sexual orientation in worms.
They did it to prove they could gain control of an organism’s brain circuitry. What did studies show
about sexuality in the brains of worms?

Homosexuality Nature, Nurture, or Choice

This video is a clip from National Geographic exploring the likelihood of homosexuality in twins. The
video hypothesizes that homosexuality is shaped by multiple factors. Why is there an increased
likelihood of homosexuality in the second twin if the first twin is gay? What is the epigenome?

Female Sexual Dysfunction

News reporter Stan Miller discusses sexual dysfunction with Dr. Mark Bastuba. They cover reasons for
dysfunction, solutions, and the prevalence of sexual dysfunction in women. What does Dr. Bastuba
recommend for a couple who is experiencing sexual dysfunction?

Gender Controversy Runner Welcomed Home

Caster Semenya, a native of South Africa, won the 800 meter world championships in Berlin and returned home to controversy over her gender. Her gold medal is being challenged by the Association of Athletics Federations (AAF) officials who, according to USA Today, explained questions had been raised about her muscular physique and stunning improvement in times. If Semenya has lived her life as a female but her sex is male, should the AAF be able to renounce her gold medal? What does this say about sex and gender in present times? (Is she too fast to be female?)

Gender Identity Development

An interviewer questions two young boys about their gender and why they know why they are either a boy or a girl. She initially asks two questions: Are you a boy or a girl? and When you were born, were you a boy or a girl? Generally, by what age do children develop gender constancy?

Mans Last Stand

This ad from Dodge debuted during the 2010 Super Bowl and immediately got a lot of attention for its
cleverness. How is the male gender depicted in this ad? Considering no women appear in the ad, how do
you think the female gender is depicted in this ad?

Womans Last Stand

[Please note: This clip has strong language in the last seconds of the video.] This video was created in
answer to the Dodge ad, Mans Last Stand (see above). While that ad has no women in it, nor does it mention women, the creators of this ad seem to suggest it depicts women in a specific way. How does this video depict both the male and female genders? What is it that the women are trying to express with this video? How are gender stereotypes at play in both this video and the previous one?

Relationships and Marriage

Russell Peters on Arranged Marriage

Comedian Russell Peters imitates his mother, who insists he settle for an arranged marriage. A
significant proportion of arranged marriages still occur in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. How would
you feel about your mother or father choosing your spouse? What is the prevalence of arranged marriage
in America?

Attraction and Mate Selection

This video clip discusses social and sexual attraction and the various ways humans select mates. Dr.
David Buss discusses the evolutionary perspective and sex differences. Dr. Alice Eagly has a
social-structural theory focus and believes our social role affects our mate choice. According to Dr.
Buss, how do men and women choose mates?

No on 8 PSA: NO vs YES

This brief PSA parodies the PC vs. MAC commercials with PC representing yes for Prop 8 and MAC representing no. Although initially same sex marriage was legalized in California, Prop 8 passed in late 2008. 18,000 marriages that occurred before Prop 8 passed are still legal. Which states have legalized same-sex marriage to date?

Difference Between Men and Women

In this brief clip from the TV show Friends, Ross and Rachel each tell their friends about their first kiss. Rachel explains the date in detail to Phoebe and Monica while Ross delivers a briefer explanation to Chandler and Joey. In comparison with the previous videos filmed in the 1950s, how does this clip highlight the differences between men and women? How do the differences compare to those in the 1950s?

Pregnancy, Abortion, and Contraception

Surrogate Mothers in India Baby Factory

This news report from IBN Sunrise discusses the UK couples adopting children from the Baby Factory in India. Surrogate motherhood has created an ethical debate; certain women (with lighter skin and higher IQs) are paid at a higher rate than others. What questions (ethical, legal, etc.) does surrogacy raise?

Pregnant Prisoners Want Freedom to Give Birth

The Associated Press follows women who are incarcerated while pregnant and their mistreatment during
labor. Civil rights groups feel that women should not be shackled while giving birth because it is
unsafe for the mother and the child. What concerns arise regarding safety for mother and child? What
other issues may arise regarding the mothers health postpardum, especially considering she is

70-Year-Old Gives Birth to Twins

Om Kali, a 70-year-old woman, underwent in vitro fertilization to have a son. She gave birth to twins one boy and one girl. Even though they have two older daughters and numerous grandchildren, Om Kali and her husband, Charan, only wanted a son. Om Kali feels cheated since she was assured by her doctor shed only have a son. How has culture shaped the couples desires?

Woman Pregnant Twice

A CBS reporter speaks with Todd and Julia Grovenberg who have conceived two fetuses at different times; they were conceived 2 weeks and 4 days apart. This condition is called superfetation. The Grovenbergs plan to give birth to both children at the same time to avoid any complications. What kinds of health risks might the younger fetus encounter?

Dr. George Tiller (1941-2009): Murdered Abortion Provider Remembered

Democracy Now reports that supporters of reproductive rights are mourning the killing of the abortion
provider Dr. George Tiller. The sixty-seven-year-old doctor was shot as he attended services at his
Wichita, Kansas church. In this clip, Democracy Now provides Dr. Tillers professional history along
with facts about assassination attempts on other abortion doctors. What is considered a late-term
abortion? What are some of the major pro-choice and pro-life arguments?

FDA to Allow Plan B for 17-Year-Olds

The Associated Press reports on Plan Bs availability to women aged 17 years old and older. The FDA may allow these women to purchase Plan B without a prescription. What state regulations could affect Plan B availability to women who are 17 years old?

Mistah F.A.B. Safer Sex PSA

This San Francisco Department of Public Health PSA features rap artist MISTAH F.A.B. He advises people living in the San Francisco Bay Area to text SEXINFO to learn more about STIs and getting tested and to seek advice on relationships, contraception, and pregnancy. What are the benefits of offering information this way? How might a PSA promoting Abstinence-Only sex education differ?

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