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Social Networking Sites and Narcissism

San Diego State University: According to a national poll of over 1,000 college students, 57% agreed that that people in their generation use social networking sites (i.e. Facebook, Twitter and MySpace) for self-promotion, narcissism and attention seeking.

Dr. Jean Twenge (associate professor of psychology) utilized YouthPolls to ask questions about the student generation and social networking sites.

The survey asked:

1: Do you agree that your generation is more narcissistic and attention-seeking than previous generations?;

2. Name reasons for these characteristics.; and

3. Do you have a Facebook page?

When does narcissistic behavior become narcissistic personality disorder? What are the DSM criteria?

What therapy is recommended? Is the sample size of this survey large enough to make conclusions from? Considering this survey was done online, might there have been some self-selection?

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