Mood Disorders and Suicide

  • Depression Theories and Treatments

    This Discovery Channel clip explains theories about what may cause depression and what treatments are available. Scientists evaluate electrical impulses in the brain and how they affect emotions. Evie, a woman who was so depressed she attempted suicide, exemplifies how Prozac keeps depression at bay. What are some of the events that can spark depression? How does Prozac work?

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  • Choosing a Psychotherapist offers advice on how to choose a psychotherapist for treating depression. They explain that it is best to use a program of psychotherapy combined with medication. There are three types of psychotherapists: psychiatrists, psychologists, and licensed clinical social workers. Choose a therapist you feel comfortable with, ask what their therapy style is, and ask for a schedule for when…

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  • Bipolar Overview

    Once known as manic depression, bipolar disorder affects nearly 6 million adults. Risk factors, symptoms, and latest treatments available are discussed in this clip. One in five bipolar patients commits suicide, but many are able to live a normal life using a combination of medications and psychosocial interactions. Bipolar disorder consists of two mood states: energized mania and deep…

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  • Photo of Dysthymic Disorder

    Dysthymic Disorder

    This short video describes Dysthymic or Persistent Depressive Disorder. What kind of disorder is dysthymic disorder? What characterizes this disorder? Does this video accurately show those behaviors and attitudes?

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  • Suicide Trend in Palo Alto, California?

    Recently, four students committed suicide in Palo Alto, CA, within six months of each other. All of them threw themselves in front of a commuter train. Three attended the same high school. John Blackstone reports on the incidents and the communitys reaction. Some parents and students think depressed students (or those desperate for attention) see suicide as a way to…

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  • Teen Commits Suicide with Live Web Audience

    A south Florida college student took his own life in front of a live web audience. His sister said when he was around people he seemed very happy. Abraham Biggs took pills and lay down on his bed while viewers watched him die. Biggs struggled with bipolar disorder and told others of his suicide plans. How does suicidal behavior differ…

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