Substance-Related and Impulse-Control Disorders

  • Obsessed: Ryan Park Exposure

    Ryan, who was also on MTVs True Life: I Have OCD and has obsessive-compulsive disorder, discusses his attempt to stop his compulsions on A&Es Obsessed. Ryan performs rituals like hand washing, tapping, and brushing his teeth and discusses how therapy has helped him stop ritualizing. What therapeutic affect might being on the show and journaling his experiences have on Ryans…

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  • Hoarders on A&E

    Hoarders documents American men and women who are unable to dispose of anything even though they continue to accumulate more. Hoarding habits greatly affect the persons relationships, lifestyle, and health. Psychologists specializing in treating those with hoarding problems go into the hoarders home and review what is being hoarded and why, and offer support in disposing much of their belongings.…

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  • A&E Intervention Tim Part 1

    [Please note that this clip includes footage of crack cocaine use.] Tim, a formerly successful music producer and musician, exposes his addiction to crack cocaine on A&Es Intervention. He explains his downward spiral into drug use; his girlfriend and her parents discuss Tims drug use and how it affects their lives. What disorder was Tim diagnosed with and how may…

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  • A&E Intervention – Kim Part 1

    Kim discusses her battle with anorexia, bulimia, and cutting on A&Es Intervention. Kim and her family discuss how her childhood affected her self-image, and she sought to control her own actions as she could not control her home environment. What evidence exists that links eating disorders with physical and emotional abuse? How are anorexia and bulimia differentiated?

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