Disorders and Disease

  • Photo of Exploding Head Syndrome, Not Science Fiction!

    Exploding Head Syndrome, Not Science Fiction!

    Have you ever shot out of your bed because of a loud bang or crash?  Perhaps a flash of light accompanied the heart-stopping sound?  After hearing the noise, did you then walk around the house to investigate only to find nothing seemed to be out of place?  No windows were broken, nothing fell off any shelves, and your dog or…

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  • Using EEG to Predict Alzheimers

    Using new computer software that analyzes EEG data, psychiatrists can now better distinguish early signs of Alzheimer’s from normal aging by spotting marked differences between the left and right sides of the brain. What other disorders can EEGs help detect?

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  • Parkinsons: Michael J. Fox Interview

    While the factors responsible for Parkinsons disease remain unclear, the direct causes are known. What are some biological factors and events that lead to Parkinsons? How does Parkinsons progress? What are some of the ways Parkinsons can be treated?

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  • Pill to Fight Alcoholism

    This Science Daily clip shows a young mother who is battling alcohol abuse and is using Topiramate, a drug than reduces dopamine release associated with alcohol consumption. How does the drug work? What is dopamine used for in the body? What possible side effects could there be if you block the production of dopamine?

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  • Caffeine and Skin

    This video is a ScienceCentral clip about externally applied caffeine and the prevention of skin cancer. How does this video explain that caffeine specifically targets cancer cells?

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  • Emergency Hypothermia: Mayo Clinic

    Hypothermia, which is often life threatening, is a good thing for people who have a cardiac arrest. At the Mayo Clinic, emergency department doctors are using it to help keep these people alive. What are the theories about how this normally destructive condition helps save lives? What methods did Dr. Vadeboncoeur mention could be used to induce hypothermia?

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