The Brain and Nervous System

  • Photo of Exploding Head Syndrome, Not Science Fiction!

    Exploding Head Syndrome, Not Science Fiction!

    Have you ever shot out of your bed because of a loud bang or crash?  Perhaps a flash of light accompanied the heart-stopping sound?  After hearing the noise, did you then walk around the house to investigate only to find nothing seemed to be out of place?  No windows were broken, nothing fell off any shelves, and your dog or…

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  • The Brain Map Rap

    This student project can help you study the areas and functions of the brain and its darn catchy too. What regions of the brain do they mention, and what do they say each of these areas are responsible for? Why might a song like this be a good study tool, and what part of your brain would you use to…

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  • Mirror Neurons

    This short clip explains the action of these neurons and the testing of their functionality, while exploring the case of a boy with Aspergers. If mirror neurons are responsible for imitating the actions of others, how might damage of these neurons affect social interactions of people with Aspergers?

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  • Risky Brains

    This ScienCentral clip discusses the relationship between dopamine and risk-taking. How accurate do you think this research is? Do you think the surveys given to participants are an accurate way to measure risk taking?

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  • Smoker Brain Error

    This video explores the effects of nicotine on choices made in an investment game. Why do you think the researchers chose to begin with cigarette smokers as opposed to other types of addiction? Do you think they are right in hypothesizing that this theory is the same for other addictions as well?

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  • Japanese Puffer Fish

    This video follows a young mans trip to Japan to consume the often deadly Fugu, or Puffer, and discusses the history and dangers of the fish. Why is it that this fish can be so deadly to consume? Why is it that so many people continue to do so?

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  • Nanobridges for Brain Repair

    Neurologists are using nanotechnology to build tiny bridges that brain cells can grow on to reconnect cells damaged by a stroke or injury. Do you think the comparison of real bridges and nanobridges is valid? Why or why not?

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  • Getting Drugs Past the Blood-Brain Barrier

    In a major advance for treating fatal brain diseases, researchers have discovered a way to get drugs into the brain that doesn’t involve brain surgery. What virus do the researchers use to achieve their result? Would you feel comfortable having a procedure like this preformed on you?

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  • Brain Plasticity

    Jodi Miller seems like a fairly typical little girl, but has undergone some of the most drastic surgery possible. In order to cure her epileptic seizures, Jodi received a hemispherectomy. What disease was Jodi suffering from? Why was a hemispherectomy the answer? What other diseases could such a surgery cure?

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