Understanding Biopsychology

  • Muscular Structure, Neuromuscular Junction

    This video focuses on the arrival of an action potential at the neuromuscular junction, leading to contraction. What is an action potential? Can you summarize the sequence of events that occur once an action potential is initiated? What is a negative action-potential and why does it occur?

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  • Muscle Contraction

    This video shows the interaction of myosin and actin during a muscle contraction. What happens after ATP binds? This clip shows what is happening inside the body when a muscle contracts what does it look like from outside the body?

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  • The Patellar Reflex

    This video shows how to test for the patellar reflex. What actions are your neurons taking to make this reflex occur?

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  • The Babinski Reflex

    This video demonstrates how to test for the Babinski Reflex. The demonstrator explains that this test should be done on an adult and what movement you should be looking for in movement. What might be a reason you would see this reflex in an adult? Why is it okay in an infant?

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