Using Technology

  • How MRI Works

    Wizard of Schenectady Howard Hart explains how the MRI works. How do the magnetic field gradients work to provide information? What is the difference between an MRI, fMRI, CT Scan, EEG, and PET Scan? What do each of these types of technology help us test for?

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  • Light Scans for Assessing Infant Brain Activity

    This video presents a new device that can measure blood circulation and the amount of oxygen in that blood, which helps explain brain activity. Other than mapping infant brain activity, how do you think this new device could revolutionize brain activity studies? Do you see any ethical complications that could arise from this kind of device?

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  • Deep Brain Stimulation for Parkinsons disease

    You’ve heard of a pacemaker for the heart, but what about for the head? This video presents a Cardington, Ohio farmer who has electrodes implanted in his brain to alleviate the debilitating physical effects of Parkinsonв. Would you be willing to undergo the risk of a surgery like this if it promised a dramatic change in your quality of life?

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  • Mind Reading with Imaging

    This video presents experiments researchers conducted with MRI imaging to predict what brains are thinking. What are some of the benefits of such a device? What would be the drawbacks?

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  • Brain Boot Camp

    Researchers have put people through a series of brain exercises a “brain boot camp” and found that just like exercise for your body, exercise for your brain pays off. What do you think is happening here? Do you think people are actually getting smarter? How have video game companies capitalized on brain exercises and what experiments could be done with…

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