History, Assessment, and Therapy Anxiety Disorders Somatoform and Dissociative Disorders Mood Disorders and Suicide Physical, Eating, and Sleep Disorders Substance-Related and Impulse-Control Disorders Sexual and Gender Identity Disorders Personality Disorders Schizophrenia Developmental and Cognitive Disorders History, Assessment, and Therapy Psychological Disorders: History of Mental Illness The Discovery Channel provides a brief history of mental illness. […]


Understanding Biopsychology The Brain and Nervous System Using Technology Genes, DNA, and Stem Cells Disorders and Disease Understanding Biopsychology Muscular Structure, Neuromuscular Junction This video focuses on the arrival of an action potential at the neuromuscular junction, leading to contraction. What is an action potential? Can you summarize the sequence of events that occur once […]


What is Cognition? Concepts and Imagery Problem Solving Reasoning and Decision Making What is Cognition? Cognitive Psychology This short animation sings the praises of cognitive psychology. Or does it? Several of the comments on the clips YouTube page say that while they found the video funny, it wouldnt help them study for their exams. Is […]


Biological Rhythms and Sleep Altering Consciousness with Drugs Hypnosis Other Altered States of Consciousness Biological Rhythms and Sleep How to Sleep Better: How Circadian Rhythm Affects Sleep A woman sits on a sofa with alarm clock in hand. In this short clip, she defines circadian rhythms and how they affect sleep. She also explains why […]


Pregnancy and Prenatal Development Infancy and Toddlerhood Early and Middle Childhood Adolescence Young and Middle Adulthood Late Adulthood and Old Age Pregnancy and Prenatal Development In the Womb This clip introduces the National Geographic special In the Womb, which follows a babys journey from conception to birth. The end of a babys nine month journey is […]


Understanding Emotion Basic Emotions Emotion and Animals Emotion and Popular Culture Lies, Lying, and Microemotions Understanding Emotion Paul Ekman: States of Emotion Moods, Traits, and Disorders In this interview, Paul Ekman explains the differences between an emotion, a mood, a trait, and a disorder. He explains how each emotion the example he uses is anger […]


Health and Lifestyle Cultural Approaches to Health  Stress and Coping Health-Related Research Health Behaviors   Pain Chronic and Terminal Illnesses and Death Health and Lifestyle Shift Work and Health Living outside “normal” hours can be bad for your body. A small research study of ten people showed that when their schedule was knocked out of whack, […]


Introduction to I/O Employee Selection: Techniques Employee Selection: Recruiting, Interviewing, and Testing Legal Issues in the Workplace Employee Motivation, Satisfaction, and Performance Training, Leadership, and Group Behavior (Commitment and Conflicts) Introduction to I/O Industrial/Organizational Psychology In this clip from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Dr. Albert Edwards explains the field of I/O psychology; it […]


Language Development and Acquisition The Parts of Language Disorders Foreign Languages and Bilingualism Language Development and Acquisition Brain Talk and Brain Waves Researchers studying the brains of toddlers say the strength of their brainwaves can indicate language ability. As ScienCentral reports, this research might lead to early identification of language impairment. Why might studying language […]


Classical Conditioning Operant Conditioning Social Learning Applications of Conditioning Classical Conditioning Pavlovs Dogs Get Conditioned This video, part of the Introductory Psychology Video Tool Kit (BBC Motion Gallery), is a recreation of Pavlovs laboratory experiments on the salivation reflex. It shows the discovery of the conditioned reflex in dogs and summarizes Pavlov’s paradigm to study […]


Encoding  Storage  Retrieval  Forgetting  Physiology of Memory  Stress and Memory Encoding How To Get Fired A drunken employee talks with friends about their boss at a holiday party. She declares that their boss is cheap, likes cheap women, and criticizes the cheap champagne glasses. Their boss overhears his name and comes over to the group. […]


General Principles of Motivation Hunger and Eating Sexual Motivation The Need for Achievement General Principles of Motivation What is Homeostasis? In this short lecture clip, Davaid A. Singer discusses homeostasis in very simple terms. What is homeostasis, and why is it necessary to our survival? How does the body remain balanced despite changes in weather? […]


Defining Personality Demonstrated Traits Personality Theories Coping Strategies Personality Assessment Defining Personality Prickles & Goo: Alan Watts, South Park The creators of South Park, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, created a cartoon to a voice-over of the philosopher Alan Watts. Watts discusses his categorization of people into two personality distinctions: prickly and gooey. Prickly people […]


Choosing a Method Variables, Validity, and Control Experiments and Data Ethics and Writing Choosing a Method Research Methods This video covers the different research methods in psychology: introspection, case studies, survey research, archival research, and experimental research. What is the oldest research method? Why was the method effective? In what ways was it limited? The […]

Clips for Class

We created this website in response to a request we hear over and over again from psychology professors would love to have more video! We launched an extensive search for videos on the internet that could be used both in class and by students at home. The videos range from news clips, to popular television […]

S & P (Sensation and Perception)

Vision • Hearing • Touch • Taste • Smell Vision Using Color to Keep Track of Objects The brain has trouble with keeping track of more than three objects at the same time. Color groupings, like the jerseys of a football team, helps us manage larger number of objects. How might you utilize color to help you […]


Sexuality Theory and Research Sexual Development and Exploration Gender Development and Roles Relationships and Marriage Pregnancy, Abortion, and Contraception Sexuality Theory and Research Social Psych Love Presentation This student project uses popular films and television shows to demonstrate Sternbergs Triangular Theory of Love. It includes clips from Wedding Crashers, Everybody Loves Raymond, and Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Do you agree with how […]


The Self Social Cognition Emotion and Affect Attitudes, Beliefs, and Consistency Social Influence and Persuasion Prosocial Behavior Aggression, Antisocial Behavior, Attraction, and Exclusion Prejudice and Groups Psychology and the Legal System Psychology and the Environment The Self Definition of Culture In this video William Kornblum of the City University of New York defines culture in […]


Frequency Distributions Variables Other Important Statistical Concepts  People and Statistics Frequency Distributions Some Data From Important Things With Demetri Martin In this video, comedian Demetri Martin charts some interesting if unscientific statistics. What kind of graph does he use to illustrate his hypothesis? Statistics Inspired By Pop Songs This is a slide show created to […]