What is Cognition?

  • Cognitive Psychology

    This short animation sings the praises of cognitive psychology. Or does it? Several of the comments on the clips YouTube page say that while they found the video funny, it wouldnt help them study for their exams. Is there anything to be learned about cognitive psychology from this video, other than that the creator really likes it? Is there anything…

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  • Cognitive Psychology Godfathers

    In this student project, a voice over discusses Albert Bandura, Walter Mischel, the BoBo Doll Experiment, the Marshmallow Experiment, and words to know over a montage of pictures. Do you agree that these are the godfathers of cognitive psychology? If you were making a list of the most important psychologists to study in the field of cognitive psychology, who would…

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  • Cognitive Psychology Student Project

    Another student project, this clip visually discusses the multi-store model, the working memory model, and several concepts in cognitive psychology. Do you have a better understanding of the concepts discussed after watching the video? Without using sound, how might you improve upon this video to maximize the amount of information being relayed?

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  • Sherlock Holmes A Study in Scarlet

    A Study in Scarlet is the first story to feature the iconic detective Sherlock Holmes. In this clip, he is shown inspecting the scene of a murder. After a careful yet brief assessment of the situation, he is able to tell the police a great deal of information about the perpetrator. Holmes deductive feats are a remarkably complex mental act.…

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  • The Frontal Lobes: Cognition and Awareness

    This clip explains the importance of the frontal lobe in human functioning, and covers brain function, diagnostic assessment, cognitive function, evolution, and comparative behavior. We are introduced to Bill Mizall, who had a stroke caused by an aneurism in his frontal lobe. One of the biggest effects of this condition is that Bill has lost the ability to problem solve.…

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  • Charlie Rose Stephen Hawking

    Despite being almost completely paralyzed by ALS, Stephen Hawking remains one of the worlds foremost theoretical physicists and has contributed greatly to our understanding of the universe. Hawking has suffered from Lou Gehrigs disease since the age of 13, and has almost no control over his body. What does Stephen Hawkings story say about the power of thought and cognition?

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