How To Avoid Jet Lag

This Howcast is a how to slide show with a female voiceover during animations. Eight steps are presented for travelers to lessen the impact of crossing time zones. Some dry humor and light-hearted images are contained in this clip. What can one do before a trip to lessen the impact of crossing time zones? At […]

EMG Test

In this clip, a female voiceover explains the reasoning for using EMG. This clip is a simulation of a doctors office visit including the insertion of electrodes and administration of nerve tests. Why do clinicians use EMG? What do the inserted electrodes measure? What is the rationale for examining EMG for muscle tissue at rest? […]

Microsleep Commercial RTA

In this PSA from the United Kingdom, Dr. Karl Kruszelnicki explains the concept of a microsleep, and why it is such a problem while driving. While the statistics he gives use the metric system, microsleeps are no less dangerous in the United States. What are microsleeps a symptom of? What other activities may be made […]

Five Stages of Sleep

In this clip from the longer documentary, Help! I Cant Sleep: A Practical Guide to Overcome Insomnia, the five stages of sleep are discussed. What are the distinctions in brain activities between each stage? What are the distinctions in body movement? Is any one stage more important than the others in getting a good nights […]

Dream Hunter Rem – All About Dreams

An anime character, Rem the Dream Hunter, explains dreams in Japanese with English subtitles. The supporting cast, her kitten and puppy, are aptly named Alpha and Beta, respectively. What are some of the topics or content found in dreams according to Rem? Rem suggests nightmares may occur during Non-REM sleep. How could a sleep researcher […]

Day Residue in Dreams

Stephen Berlin talks about some of his own dreams and their contents. This clip is part of a series of dream-related videologs and focuses on day residue finding its way into dreams. Berlin acknowledges Sigmund Freuds quote, Dreams are the royal road to the unconscious. What do you think that quote means?

The Biography of Sigmund Freud

Sigmund Freuds book The Interpretation of Dreams first advanced the idea that dreams are based on wish fulfillment. In this clip from his biography, we learn about the beginnings of these ideas, such as the Oedipus complex and dream symbols. How would you define these ideas? What is the difference between Freuds psychodynamic theory and […]

My Bad Dream Causes Me to Get Grounded

In this clip, an adolescent male talks directly to the camera about the obscure dream he had and the events following his awakening. He dreamt about his girlfriend who punched him in the mouth while he was entering a classroom. Soon after he awoke, his mother asked him to make her morning coffee. The speaker […]

The Science of Sleep Paralysis

This clip discusses sleep paralysis from a scientific standpoint. It explains why and how it occurs, and why it is often associated with the idea that someone is being abducted, or that strange, shadowy figures are in the room with you. Why is it biologically necessary for us to be paralyzed while in REM sleep? […]

Behavioral Modifications for Sleep

A family practitioner discusses the use of behavioral therapy and sleep hygiene measures. Insomnia treatment is not solely medicinal and is often used in tandem with behavior modification principles. What are some of the recommendations for good sleep hygiene? Do you have any other suggestions to prevent insomnia?

Drug Ad

This clip is the late 1990s follow-up to the classic brain on drugsв campaign. The original campaign is expanded upon by Rachel Leigh Cook demolishing the kitchen with the frying pan. Her tirade continues the analogy of the effects drugs have on ones family, friends, money, and job. What do you think of the persuasiveness […]

The Enemy Ecstasy: US Military Anti-Drug Training Video PSA

This video, produced by the United States Marine Corps and Naval Media Center, focuses on club drugs. Scenes from raves, effects the morning after, and some discussion of urine analysis are included. Discharge from the military, loss of benefits, and education are mentioned as penalties for use or distribution of banned drugs. Is this military-produced […]

Cocaine Energy Drink

This news piece from CNN features an interview with the creator of the energy drink Cocaine. While there is no cocaine in the drink, he says that it was so named because Cocaine is synonymous with energy. Thats the main reason for using the name. We thought it was the perfect name for an energy […]

How Caffeine Works

In this clip from How Stuff Works, we get a short tutorial about how caffeine works to keep us from feeling sleepy. Caffeine inhibits the absorption of adenosine, leading to increased arousal. It starts to affect the body with doses as small as 50 milligrams, or about half a cup of coffee. What category of […]

What Happens Next: Smoking

This video from explains what happens to your body when you smoke a cigarette. It obviously is taking an anti-smoking stance, and moves on to explaining the positive effects on your health when you quit smoking. Considering all of the negative effects on the body, why do people smoke? What reasons are there besides […]

Heroin Addicts Speak

In this National Geographic clip, a cameraman follows around heroin addicts from Oslo and the American Midwest. Joaquim and Trina sell magazines in Oslo in order to score their next fix of Afgan heroin. Included is footage of Joaquim injecting his girlfriend. Faces of addiction from the American Midwest soon follow. Why is heroin called […]

Montana Meth Project TV Ads

The following public service announcements were aired on television and online as part of the Montana Meth Project. Some will consider these scenes dramatic, visually disturbing, and/or violent. Which was the most effective and least effective ad? Do you believe campaigns employing scare tactics will be effective in preventing teen and adult drug use?

Alcohol At SJU

This is a student-produced documentary on alcohol use at St. Josephs University, but themes are relevant regardless of institution type. Three characters speak on binge drinking, moderation, drinking games, and related themes. Do drinking activities such as beer pong and flip cup lead to alcohol addiction? It was suggested in the documentary that more students […]

Alcoholism is Not a Disease

Addiction specialist and licensed psychologist Stanton Peele responds to the question Is alcoholism a disease? Peele argues that alcoholism as inbred and lifelong, and not susceptible to external factors is incorrect. All factors have an impact. Do you agree with Peeles conclusions? What are some of the external factors which affect problem drinking? How does […]

LSD – A Case Study

This clip is presumably a 1960s public service announcement against LSD. A female character describes her experiences dropping acid, including a disturbing interaction with a talking hot dog. How is this commercial trying to talk people out of trying LSD? How are todays public campaigns against drugs different from those of past decades? How does […]

Dock Ellis and the LSD No-No

Doc Ellis, who passed away in 2008, pitched one of only 263 no-hitters in the history of major league baseball, and he did so while high on LSD. This short animation is set to an account he gave to a radio station of just how this came to happen. Why does the animation in this […]

Suboxone Withdrawal is the Worst Ever!

In this clip, a man speaks to the camera about various ways to stop an addiction. One of the options he describes is suboxone, a medication similar to methadone, which can help wean someone off of opiates. If you search for withdrawal in YouTube, you can find dozens of videos of people who are going […]


Alan Rickman stars as Dr. Franz Mesmer, whose name gave us the term “mesmerize,” and whose studies led to the development of hypnosis. In this clip, Mesmers methods are contrasted with a popular healing method of the time bleeding the patient. Mesmers treatments involved magnets, but actually relied upon the power of suggestion, not magnetism. […]