• Mesmer

    Alan Rickman stars as Dr. Franz Mesmer, whose name gave us the term “mesmerize,” and whose studies led to the development of hypnosis. In this clip, Mesmers methods are contrasted with a popular healing method of the time bleeding the patient. Mesmers treatments involved magnets, but actually relied upon the power of suggestion, not magnetism. Assuming the depictions in the…

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  • Justin Tranz Hypnotist Las Vegas Stage Hypnosis Show

    This video shows clips from a Las Vegas hypnosis show featuring Justin Tranz. Right at the beginning he proclaims, There is no such thing as hypnosis per se its all the power of suggestion. Do you agree with him? He goes on to explain how hypnosis works. Is this an accurate description of stage hypnosis? Of all hypnosis?

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  • Hypnosis Can You Be Hypnotized?

    This video demonstrates a quick and simple hypnotic convincer to show how susceptible to hypnosis some people are. Michael Watson discusses hypnosis and embedded commands with a small group. He has them pretend they are holding a balloon in one hand, and a heavy bucket in the other. Those whose hands rise when they imagine they are holding a balloon,…

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  • Covert Pain in Hypnotherapy

    Certified clinical hypnotherapist Scott Sandland talks about how Hilgard and Hilgard discovered the phenomenon known as the hidden observer. This phenomenon proves that although people dont always remember it, they are constantly aware while being hypnotized. How has this phenomenon been used to study pain and pain control?

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