In the Womb

This clip introduces the National Geographic special In the Womb, which follows a babys journey from conception to birth. The end of a babys nine month journey is shown as well as scenes from inside the womb. Images in this series are made possible by new scanning techniques and computer simulations. What are 4d scans? […]

The Human Genome Project

This dynamic 3D animation will give you a close up look at the complexity of the cell. Completed in 2003, the Human Genome Project (HGP) was a 13-year project that sought to identify the approximately 20,000-25,000 genes in human DNA, determine the sequences of the 3 billion chemical base pairs that make up human DNA, […]

A Year in The Life of Infertility

In this presentation, a woman documents her struggle with infertility, focusing on the events of her fourth year of trying to get pregnant. (She is now in her sixth year of attempts.) What are the various reproductive technologies that she attempts? What are the advantages and drawbacks of each of these types of treatment?

Twins in the Womb

In this clip from the National Geographic channel, we see images of twins in the womb. What reason does the doctor give for knowing that these are identical, or monozygotic, twins? What are the enhanced risks involved in multiple births, and what precautions can be taken?

How to Cope with a C-Section (Cesarean Section)

In this video, Dr. Keith Eddleman is interviewed about Cesarean sections (or C-section.) There has been a rise in recent years of women choosing to have a C-section, rather than having them only in emergency situations. What is the short-term and long-term impact of C-sections on the infant, the mother, and the mother-infant interactions?

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Basic facts are presented and pictures describe the physical symptoms of fetal alcohol syndrome. At 2:52 a student performs his rap fetal alcohol syndrome on the brain. What are the physical and physiological symptoms of fetal alcohol syndrome? What does alcohol do during pregnancy to trigger the syndrome? Living with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD)

Smoking and Pregnancy

In this news clip an anchor interviews a doctor on the effects of cigarette smoke on a developing fetus. What health risks can occur if a fetus is exposed to cigarette smoke? What is the most dangerous time to expose a fetus to cigarette smoke?

Postpartum Depression

This news clip from Detroit, Michigan discusses postpartum depression by telling the story of Christine Hughes, her husband, and her three children. At least 10% of new mothers develop postpartum depression. Many more clips about this topic, including worst-case scenarios such as the story of Andrea Yates, can be found on YouTube. What are the […]

Separation Anxiety

The father leaves the room while his son is in the midst of playing with his toy. A woman, however, stays with the boy. She tries to give him toys but he looks away then cries hysterically. The boy is inconsolable until his father returns and picks him up. How does this video demonstrate separation […]

Ainsworth Attachment Theory

In this comedic attempt to depict attachment theory and behavior patterns, a grown man acts as a baby. Two women play the mother and stranger, respectively. The scenarios include a demonstration of a child with a secure attachment, avoidant attachment, and ambivalent attachment. What are the three patterns of attachment demonstrated in the video? Are […]

Sensorimotor, Object Perminence

This video discusses the sensorimotor stage and the development of object permanence the concept that objects in the environment are permanent and do not cease to exist when they are out of reach or out of view. What are the six stages in the development of sensorimotor causality?

Human Calculator in Training The Math Baby Genius

Anthony is a 13 month old infant who has seen a series of cards with dots upon them. He appears to demonstrate simple arithmetic (or counting) by being able to discriminate between rather close numbers of dots. Do you believe the infant is doing simple arithmetic or is this a modern version of Clever Hans? […]

Fine Motor Skills for Children

A mother leads her daughter in song, chant, and dance. Different fingers, thumbs, and body parts are used for the songs. What benefits could children receive from practicing fine and gross motor movements? If there were a Tommy Thumb video series would you buy it for your child? Why or why not?

Piagets Cognitive Stages of Development

Scenes demonstrate the respective stage of development and subtitles identify them. Summarize the four scenes in terms of cognitive development. How do their actions relate to Piaget’s stages of cognitive development? Khan Academy – Piaget’s stages of cognitive development Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive Development From Sprouts – Animated videos on education Piagets Cognitive Stages of […]

Gender Roles in Disney Movies

In this student project, the way Disney movies often portray gender roles is explored. Through pictures, clips, and audio tracks, the video clearly paints a portrait of old-fashioned gender roles, where women are expected to be beautiful and subservient, and men are strong and powerful. Do you agree that this is how Disney movies portray […]

Adult Role Models Inspire Students

A social worker at Parks Middle School in urban Atlanta describes his work with students and families at the school and the role that community service plays in improving results for kids and families at Parks. Focused attention to student and family needs outside of school has helped Parks change from a chronically failing school […]

Good Idea, Bad Idea Compilation

This video is shows several Good Idea, Bad Idea segments from the childrens television cartoon Animaniacs. The first scene explains that while it is a good idea to toss a penny into a fountain and make a wish, it is a bad idea to toss your cousin, Penny, into the fountain and make a wish. […]

Id, Ego, and Superego

This clip is an excerpt of an old educational film about Sigmund Freud. In addition to discussing the id, ego, and superego, the Oedipus complex is discussed and dramatized. In classical psychoanalytic theory, a childs superego, or conscience, is an internalization of parental values and moral standards. At what age and stage is a childs […]

Empathy Audrey Hepburn

In this short scene from the movie Funny Face, Audrey Hepburn explains to her costar what empathy means. Based on his response, do you think he understands the concept? What are the four levels of empathy, and how might a child display each of them?

Preoperational Lack of Conservation

This video demonstrates how children in the preoperational stage have a lack of conversation. This is shown using volume and number. How old are children in the preoperational level? How might you demonstrate a lack of conservation using volume? What does it mean that preoperational children are seduced by appearances?

Formal Deductive Reasoning

In this clip, a younger child and an older child are asked to do some deductive reasoning. Their answers to the problem are different because each are in a different stage of cognitive growth. What stage are each of the children in? What were the reasons they gave for their answers?